OnePlus still plans to launch new earphones and smartwatches in 2022

OnePlus is already known for releasing a new flagship phone in late 2022, but it seems that new wearables are also emerging.

OnePlus According to the new report, several new products are emerging, including new earphones and wearables. OnePlus entered the smartwatch segment in 2021 with the launch of the OnePlus Watch and OnePlus Band Fitness Tracker. The former wasn’t popular because of buggy software, but the latter wasn’t launched in the US, so it had to compete with established brands such as Xiaomi and the world’s best-selling Mi Band line. It was.

Like some other manufacturers, OnePlus is expected to plan a few new products in the second half of this year. The company has confirmed the introduction of new phones with the Snapdragon 8 + Gen1 chip. A smartphone scheduled to be released as OnePlus 10T / OnePlus 10 Ultra. However, knowing OnePlus, this isn’t the only product coming soon.

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OnePlus plans to launch new earphones for the Indian market later this year, according to Leaker’s tweet. Mukuru Sharma.. One of the new earphones will be available on the Nord line and the other will belong to the OnePlus Buds series. Earlier this year, OnePlus announced the $ 39 Nord Buds. This is the cheapest pair of truly wireless earphones. Nord Buds are already on sale in the US and India, suggesting that future buds will be new models. There are no pricing details, but the new Nord model can be more expensive than the Nord Buds. As for the new OnePlus Buds reported, it may be the successor to the Buds Z2. Given that OnePlus announced the Buds Z2 in October 2021, it’s probably fair to assume that the next earphone will be the 2022 version after the Buds Z goes on sale in October 2020.

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In addition to these new earphones, there are new wearables, especially the OnePlus Watch 2 and OnePlus Band 2. This isn’t the first time wearable news has surfaced. In March 2022, it was reported that production of two wearables began in Europe and Asia. But since then, little information has been found. No new details have been provided, but the mention in this latest leak can be presumed to mean that OnePlus is still planning to release both wearables in 2022. An overview of the OnePlus Watch 2. The first-generation model, which ran its own RTOS-based operating system, had several issues, including unreliable sensors and unsophisticated software. OnePlus isn’t expected to switch to Wear OS, but it does expect upgraded sensors and fine-tuned software.

OnePlus Band 2 should also have some new features, if not a new design with a larger display. The first generation model only supported 13 sport modes, which is inferior to the 97 sport modes of the Huawei Band 7 or the 120 sport modes supported by the Xiaomi SmartBand 7. Xiaomi and Huawei do not sell fitness trackers in the US, so they will be launched in the US.Sources haven’t said when wearables will be announced, but new earphones are reported to be coming along with new ones. OnePlus Phone for the third quarter of 2022.

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