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Police said a man in American Canyon, who was temporarily detained earlier this month in connection with an illegal firework allegedly ignited on a drone after an explosive was found at his home in American Canyon, could be a felony. Facing.

George David Wise, 55, was arrested at 5 pm on Tuesday, about three hours after a detective at the Napa County Sheriff’s Office issued an investigation warrant at his home in Goldeneye Court, according to American Canyon police. He was imprisoned in Napa County Jail for felony charges such as possession of explosive devices and possession of materials intended to manufacture explosive devices.

According to a police news release, a search of Wise’s house revealed a variety of homemade explosive precursors, black powder, flash powder, explosive cookbooks, fusion systems, remote controls, and more.

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Evidence indicates that Wise built and ignited several explosive devices housed in paperboard, and Wise allowed the item to be manufactured, American Canyon police said.

American Canyon Police Arrest Residents Using Drone to Set Off Illegal Fireworks

American Canyon police arrested a man after midnight on Friday for using a drone to ignite illegal fireworks.

Police said the Wise investigation came from weeks of complaints from people who reported a “big boom” in the American Canyon. Early in the morning of June 3, police officers summoned to 400 blocks of Poppy Field Drive saw a drone igniting fireworks in the air and landed an aircraft on Kilpatrick Street one block away. According to reports at the time, it was tracked.

According to police, police detained a man who had a drone and admitted that the man identified by police as Wise used a device attached to the aircraft to ignite an M-80-style firecracker in the air. ..

Wise was convicted of misdemeanor for using dangerous fireworks, and police seized the drone as evidence, the ministry said earlier. On Wednesday, police said the explosives seized on June 3 were not M-80s, but actually homemade explosives.

Wise continued to be put in jail on Wednesday afternoon with a $ 100,000 bail.

St. Helena Police Log, May 16-23

The St. Helena Police Station will call from May 16th to 23rd.


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