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Quantum system and propellerQuantum-Systems Partners with Propeller Aero: Trinity F90 + Drone and Propeller Aero 3D Mapping Software

DRONE LIFE Staff Writer Ian M Crossy

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This week, advanced eVTOLUAV developer Quantum-Systems and Propeller Aero, a drone data visualization and analysis platform, are collaborating to achieve compatibility between Propeller’s site survey and 3D mapping software and Quantum-Systems Trinity F90 + drones. Announced work.

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Propeller’s Post-Processing Kinematic Solution (PPK) enables perfect surveying and 3D mapping of construction, mining and earthworks worksites. Combined with the Quantum-Systems Trinity F90 + Mass Mapping Drone, contractors can improve the accuracy of their surveys, complete weeks-long data collection processes in hours, and quickly share digital models with team members.

The Trinity F90 + Drone offers low cost electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) capabilities and boasts a 90-minute flight time, allowing you to efficiently survey large sites. The drone comes with the industry’s widest range of integrated sensors.

“Today’s contractors and surveyors are keen to adopt new technologies that enable them to modernize their workflows and analyze more aspects of the workplace than ever before,” said Richie Hadfield, Product Manager, Propeller Aero. I am saying. “The clients we work with are on the cutting edge of construction, earthwork and mining, and are already using drone technology to accelerate project timelines and reduce costly redo. With a new partnership with Quantum-Systems, we are creating a safer environment for our employees, and more to enable our customers in Europe and around the world to achieve this efficiency and accuracy improvement with advanced F90 + drones. A method will be provided. “

To take advantage of the combined solution, place Propeller AeroPoints ™ (smart ground control points) around the worksite before maneuvering the Trinity F90 + drone above to collect survey data. The collected data will be uploaded to Propeller’s cloud-based platform, from which it will be accessible within 24 hours.

“The drone industry has made great strides in the last two years, in line with customer expectations,” said Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum-Systems GmbH. “It’s no longer rational to get customers to come up with the perfect solution for their needs. As a technology company, we listen to our customers and understand their needs and how to deal with them. Completed with the Trinity F90 +, the complete Trimble Stratus solution allows customers to proactively complete their projects end-to-end. “

Clients will be able to purchase the complete solution for Trimble Stratus and Quantum-Systems Trinity F90 + through a channel partnership between Propeller and Trimble, a leader in positioning technology, and participating SITECH distributors.

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