Realme Techlife Watch R100 Review: Good looking, fitness tracking and phone calls. Do you need anything else?

The Realme Techlife Watch R100 provides hands-free calling to the entry-level smartwatch segment and does everything else right. Can I buy it?

Unless you’re keen on all the advances Apple and Samsung are making in the smartwatch world, it makes sense to settle for a simple and affordable watch. And why? Smartwatch under Rs. The 5000 is typically a display as big as a cheap feature phone, more than just a glorious fitness band. Hands-free calling is also available in this segment. This is a feature previously reserved primarily for high-end watches. The Realme Techlife Watch R100 has the same functionality.

It costs rupees. At the 3999 and its price, you’ll get an entry-level smartwatch with the desired round display, hands-free calling, lots of fitness tracking, and a decent design to wrap it up. On paper, this Realme Watch sounds like an ideal deal for buyers. But is it ideal in the real world? It’s been 10 days since I arrived, but this is the fare.

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Realme Techlife Watch R100 design and display

Realme makes some of the best looking round smartwatches on a budget, and the Realme TechlifeWatch R100 is no exception. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, with a minute engraved on the aluminum bezel. Two crown-shaped buttons pop out from the sides, just add to the charm.

Sadly, Realme only offers a silicone strap with a watch. The option with a leather strap would have been better. Nevertheless, the strap is soft on the skin and the underside of the watch. Compliant with the IP67 standard, you didn’t have to worry about taking it out on a rainy or dusty day that this watch had to endure during the review period.

Next, there is a display that is quite large, 1.32 inches. Unfortunately, because it’s an LCD display, it doesn’t pop out as much as the DizoWatch R with an OLED display. It looks decent, but the touch input is comparable to that offered by competitors.

Realme Techlife Watch R100 Smartness

Without Wear OS and watchOS, most smartwatches are just glorious fitness bands. Realme has introduced its own OS from older watch models. That means you have a lot of features and a great interface. Sadly, the lack of a powerful chipset means that everything runs late. The animation is jerky and the app isn’t too keen on loading. Once this is overcome, it’s a basic smartwatch that can display notifications from your phone, track your movements, set alarms, check reminders, search your phone, and perform other basic activities.

The difference is in the Bluetooth calling feature, which works as advertised. The quality isn’t an Apple Watch, but it works for quick calls during household chores. The sound quality is low and the maximum volume is ideal for indoor use. You can also save shortcuts to your favorite contacts, access your recent call history, and dial from your watch. It feels neat.

With the microphone here, the Watch R100 is used for Amazon Alexa’s onboard voice assistant. Alexa on the Realme Techlife Watch R100 performs only limited functions such as setting alarms, checking weather, and launching health apps. There is no smart home control and no answer to “How are you?”

The watch face on the Watch R100 is some of the best I’ve seen on a budget watch. Realme has an online store full of such striking watch faces that are crazy about design or focused on productivity. Unfortunately, message notifications are not yet able to send quick replies.

Unlike previous Realme watches, the Realme TechlifeWatch R100 relies on the Realme Wear app. This is basically a redesigned app for watches with neatly laid out infographics and quick access to basic clock settings. You can also access the Watch Face Store from here. The data between the app and the clock is synced via Bluetooth, so you have to wait patiently when reading the clock face or syncing your health data. Works well on both iOS and Android devices.

Realme Techlife Watch R100 Fitness

Most people might buy the Watch R100 because of its appearance and BT calling capabilities, but if you decide to take fitness seriously, this watch will help. There are over 100 sporting activities to monitor, most of which track heart rate, pace, steps, and basic information. I tried the outdoor walking mode (because I’m not a fitness fan) and the data I got was comparable to the Apple Watch Series 7, but with a slight difference. Run mode has this AI assistant that tells you in real time how fast you need to run to reach your goal.

When it comes to health monitoring, the Watch R100 surprisingly returns accurate SpO2 data readings comparable to certified medical grade devices. Heart rate is sometimes slightly off and sleep tracking data is decent. You can also use guided breathing techniques to monitor and reduce stress. Activity mode provides an overview of your fitness efforts. This couldn’t confirm that the ring was completed on my Watch R100.

Realme Techlife Watch R100 battery life

With all-day health monitoring enabled and you make a call, the Realme TechlifeWatch R100 can last up to 6 days on a single charge. For Bluetooth call clocks, this is fine. Put the magnetic pack charger in the box to charge the battery. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge.

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For Rs. The 3,999 Realme TechlifeWatch R100 is a comfortable gadget of choice if you want to step into the realm of smartwatches. You’ve missed the stunning OLED display offered by some of your rivals, and while the animation delays are annoying, the convenience of Bluetooth calls on your watch makes up for everything. There are enough watch faces to play with, and the same is true for basic features. Fitness enthusiasts are fine, but it’s a good idea to invest in dedicated gear with better sensors, such as Garmin and Fitbit trackers.

But the biggest attraction of the Realme Techlife Watch R100 is its design. For smartwatches that cost Rs. 4000, it gives Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Amazfit GTR3 a run for their money.

Product name

Realme Techlife Watch R100

Strong Points

  • Elegant design
  • Bluetooth call


  • Rug UI
  • I can’t reply to the text yet


  • screen

    1.3 inch LCD touch screen

  • battery

    380 mAh

  • Health sensor

    Heart rate, SpO2

  • OS

    Realme original specifications

  • Supported plate forms

    Android, iOS


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