Rediscover Headphone Jack in 2022: It’s still important for three solid reasons

I love traveling, and now is the time to do it. The desolate and cold winter has passed for a while. If you want to pretend that there are still four seasons, spring is coming and summer is just around the corner!

Of course, a summer trip is not the same as lying on the beach and cosplaying like bacon. Or, climb the mountain with your friends and then take a shower for an hour. This is because I am confident that it is covered with ticks.

For me, traveling usually involves visiting friends across the country and beyond. But the most important thing is to visit your parents.

Dad is cool, but like most dads who have never grown up in technology, I and he don’t share much interest and the conversation dries quickly. Nobody wants to drink beer silently, so it’s time to play music, right? At least we all agree – music is universal and some genres can resist generational differences and nevertheless connect us.

Well, I equipped my people with some pair of speakers, one in almost every room, but they-as you guessed-must be connected to the headphone jack.And both are my iPhone 12 mini, or Asus ROGPhone3 I sometimes have what I carry with me.

Well, when it comes to casual music listening, I’ve been away from the wire for a long time. My home speakers are completely wireless and each pair of headphones I own supports both Bluetooth and wired connections. Therefore, this is not a problem at home.

But yeah, every time I visit my parents or friends, when I play background music, I hate the fact that my phone no longer has that legendary audio port. Especially because most people I know still use it on a regular basis.

So I got myself a Lightning-to-3.5mm jack. And in this ordeal, I was reminded of the good old headphone jack. And it’s not just from the perspective of casual users.

Leisure is getting less and less, but I make and license music on weekends. Serious producers don’t say headphone jacks are out of date.

In fact, here are the top three reasons why you need a headphone jack for your cell phone, tablet or laptop: In other words, it means all of us who love music, not just professionals.

Three major reasons why headphone jacks don’t quickly become obsolete

1. The rechargeable battery of the Bluetooth headphones will die someday

It’s pretty free to make it completely wireless. Charge and put on your headphones and start your life with the soundtrack. When you get up for a drink and break your phone, forget about, there is no wire to pull. But let’s face it. Having to recharge yet another device (headphones) on a regular basis is a hassle.

And more importantly, lithium-ion batteries deteriorate over time and eventually all die. You know them, those same lithium-ion batteries you have on your phone, tablet, or laptop, they are now in your headphones. Did you notice that your smartphone is getting less charged every year? One day, you probably had a smartphone that had just stopped charging completely.

Well, you can have the same expectations for bluetooth headphones-their lithium-ion batteries will someday be peaceful. And on the same day, unless the headphones also offer wired options, they will be completely useless. Or yet another repair project you have to try – battery replacement.

However, wireless headphones charge much less often than smartphones, which can extend battery life. Headphone batteries can last longer than smartphone batteries, unless they fail prematurely, so it’s safe to assume that they will last longer.

2. Wired microphone quality is always better than wireless

As a result, video and voice calls and conferences have exploded in popularity over the last few years. The reason is that I’m tired of talking now. The point is that I’ve heard this is true for some time, but I’ve noticed that it hasn’t actually been tested before – wired mics on headphones are always better than using wireless ones. I am. To my surprise, let me explain. Most modern wireless headphones also come with an optional wired cable, which has a built-in microphone. However, when used only wirelessly, headphones usually have an additional microphone for wireless use. This is traditionally inferior in quality.

Combining this with the low quality of common Bluetooth audio, in fact, when using a wired microphone, people can hear your voice better and more clearly. Feel free to test this with your own headphones – sometimes the difference is day and night!

3. High quality wired audio, high reliability, low latency

There are many factors to consider when measuring the quality of wireless audio and we will not discuss the technique. However, to reduce latency, you can’t really push the top tier audio bitrates over Bluetooth, which isn’t too much of a problem with wired audio.

Check out the best phones with headphone jacks in 2022

Well, most mainstream phones, especially expensive flagship models, no longer have a headphone jack.Companies just expect you to have wireless headphones Now wireless earphones.

However, there are still some exceptions. The The recently reviewed Sony Xperia 10 IV is a new flagship with a 3.5mm audio jack.

And that’s just one solid and modern option. If you are looking for our “Best Phone with Headphone Jack “list. We provide props for all the latest phones we’ve reviewed, but we still have one.

Need help with headphone selection?

The great thing is that at least the headphone makers are still thinking about us. Those who want to keep the headphone jack alive. Most wireless headphones manufactured today have the option of using a cable. This includes most headphones on the list of suitable names. The best wireless headphones in 2022!

That’s why most phone makers give up headphone jacks slowly (or very quickly), but Sony, Sennheiser, and other headphone makers that we all know and love are of great value to headphone buyers. I’m evaluating it.

And it’s always great for us to have choices, right? In this case – wired and wireless. If the batteries in those headphones die someday, the cables will continue to work fine.

Stay tuned for Sony XM5 Review

Since we are working on the topic of a better audio experience and mentioned optional wireless headphones with a wired connection, Newly announced Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones.

They could be my next favorite pair and I’ll be sure to let you know if they’re responding to the hype.

Overall, it’s obviously not all bad. There are still both great phones with headphone jacks and fully versatile headphones that you can use with them. Enjoy the headphone jack as much as possible.

And we hope that the quality of Bluetooth audio will improve. That way, you won’t have to miss the headphone jack when it’s completely gone someday.

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