Review: FNaF Insecticide Game For PC

We all have grown to love Five Night’s at Freddy’s deeply. It’s a game that centers around Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, a place that isn’t as innocent and cheery as it seems.

Since Five Nights at Freddy’s is a popular franchise, there have been many FNAF fan games created such as Insecticide. Animatronics are already scary enough. But what about a horror survival video game combining both insects and bug-themed animatronics?

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Instead of surviving amount of days, you’ll be surviving levels in this game. When playing insecticide, you’re given a laptop and a timer at the beginning of the game. The computer has old and rickety parts, meaning that you have to continually fix the computer when it starts glitching. Remember to keep a close eye on the animatronics and expect the unexpected.

Although having a simple design, the combination of insects and survival at Freddy’s is a devilishly clever idea that’ll mess with all players. As you can tell, no nightmare can compare to the sheer terror of having giant insect animatronics trying to hunt and kill you.


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