Review: Just Corseca Sportivo Smartwatch: Elegant and beautiful

There are many smartwatch brands on the market, and Damson Technologies’ flagship brand, Just Corseca, known for launching premium products, is behind the industry. The brand is known for its new era of technology-driven smartwatches, headphones and earphones, and other mobile accessories. I’ve checked that canabis smartwatch before. And this time, I had the opportunity to review another smartwatch, Sportivo. I’ve been using this product for about 20 days and have come to know a lot about this smartwatch. Let’s take a look at a detailed review of this smartwatch.

Let’s take a look at the contents of the box:

Just a Corseca Sportivo smartwatch review

The Just Corseca Sportivo smartwatch box is white and orange with the image of the smartwatch on the front. The features of the smartwatch are written on one side of the box. The smartwatch is stored in a great package. This smartwatch is available in black and rose gold colours. In addition to this, a user manual and a pogo pin charging cable are provided in the box.

♦ Corseca Sportivo specifications only
♦ Display – 1.69 inches, touch support
♦ Battery-220mAh
♦ Blood pressure sensor – Yes
♦ Heart rate sensor-Yes
♦ Blood Oxygen Tracker-Yes
♦ Step Counter – Yes
♦ Color-Onyx Black, Lime Green, Rose Gold
♦ IP rating-IP67
♦ Body Material-Metal
♦ Price – Rs 3,999

Design and display

When it comes to the design of the Just Corseca Sportivo, it looks like an Apple Watch. The Sportivo smartwatch is offered in a metal body and square design. The smartwatch features a textured metal strap, which makes it very luxurious, but at the same time, it’s a bit heavier, but it fits snugly on your wrist. There is a button on the right, from which you can access the features of your smartwatch.

Just a Corseca Sportivo review

I used my smartwatch while I was sleeping and the metal strap felt a bit uncomfortable when I was sleeping at night. On the back of the smartwatch, there is a charging port with a heart rate sensor and an SPO2 sensor, and it also has an IP67 rating. The build quality of the smartwatch is excellent. It is equipped with a 1.69-inch touch color display. There are also many watch faces. However, there is a slight need for improvement in terms of display smoothness. You can also customize the watch face of your choice. It is not always displayed, and there is no problem in direct sunlight, but there is no problem in normal light.

Just a Corseca Sportivo smartwatch Just Corseca Sportivo smartwatch image Just a Corseca Sportivo review


The smartwatch can connect to the “JYouPro” app. To do this, you need to download the “JYouPro” app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Connecting the app to your smartwatch is very easy. Once paired, you can track all your smartwatch activity from the smartphone app. Users can also keep track of their daily and monthly training performance.

Performance and smart features:

It’s great to talk about the performance of JustCorseca Sportivo. You can use features from phone to all phone notifications. However, you cannot answer calls or messages from your smartwatch. This watch has a variety of features, from heart rate monitoring to calorie tracking and sleep monitoring. This watch has a built-in (4) watch face, but you can use your favorite watch face from the JYouPro app. The app’s interface is great and you can use it without logging in. It also has an accelerometer and gyroscope to improve the accuracy of sport mode and health functions. Your smartwatch contains five nearly accurate data, including running, cycling, swimming, and yoga. You can also control music directly from your wrist to skip, play / pause tracks without always grabbing your smartphone on the go. Also, GPS is not built-in.

Smartwatch battery life

As far as the battery is concerned, the Just Corseca Sportivo has a 220mAh battery, which in our tests lasts comfortably for about 7-8 days. JustCorseca Sportivo has good battery life. It’s good that the watch doesn’t turn off when the battery is low. It takes about 2 hours to charge. However, in this price range, smartwatches need to have a stronger battery. Charging your smartwatch is also very easy. All you have to do is connect your smartwatch to the magnetic charging cable and adapter.


If your budget is small, this watch has turned out to be expensive depending on the price, so this watch is not suitable for you. It is available on Just Corseca’s official website Rs. 3,999. While it offers a premium look and health tracking features such as blood oxygen, the heart rate monitor works almost 90% accurately. You can access notifications on all mobile phones. Apart from this, calls and SMS notifications are also available. However, all of these features are now available on low-priced watches.

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