RØDENTH-100 Professional Overear Headphones Review

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review – Over the years, I’ve bought a lot of headphones. I use them to monitor audio as one of the greatest pleasures of videotaping, conference / conference, podcasts, and listening to music. I’m mostly an audiophile and have spent years listening to and evaluating the best audio systems of their time. I’m currently using Rodecastor Pro as a podcast broadcast board, and I’m listening to it paired with Sennheiser HDxxx headphones. I recently read that Lord released their first headphones, and knew their quality and I wanted to get them. Well, the dream has come true. Now let’s talk about RØDENTH-100 headphones.

what is that?

RØDENTH-100 headphones provide outstanding audio and all-day comfort. The ergonomically designed closed-back earcups feature a custom-match driver that shows off incredibly accurate frequency response from 5Hz to 35kHz. They show excellent imaging and have the clarity needed to select all the elements in the mix. The design includes a memory foam pad and CoolTech gel. The cable can be connected to either side.

What’s in the box

1xRØDENTH-100 headphones
1x pack of color ID rings eliminates cable mix-ups
1x storage bag
1×1 / 4 inch adapter

Design and function


  • 40mm custom matched driver creates a clean and vibrant sound stage with less distortion
  • Closed back design provides up to 20dB of passive isolation
  • FitLok headband adjustment keeps earcups from moving when not in use
  • Memory foam earcups and headbands provide maximum comfort
  • CoolTech technology keeps your ears cool and comfortable
  • Lock cable protects against accidental disconnection
  • Dual cable input allows you to put the cable on any side you like
  • Circular design provides excellent comfort and separation


type: Wired
Open / Close: Closed
Fit style: Circumaural (around the ears)
Driver size: 40mm
Frequency response: 5Hz-35kHz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Connectivity: 1/8 “plug, 1/4” adapter
Cable type: straight
Cable length: 7.87 feet
Detachable cable: yes
colour: black
material: Memory foam earpads and headband with alcantara cover
Case / bag: Storage pouch
weight: 0.77 lbs

These Rode headphones are well made. The headband is padded and adjustable, and the earcups are firmly padded. They are mainly made from plastic. The ear cups are designated on the left / right and the cord can be plugged into either. The Rode brand is on the outside above each earcup of the headband. The carry bag is included with a marker for easy identification of the cable.


With RØDENTH-100 headphones, all you need to do is adjust it to fit your head comfortably and start listening.

The first test I ran on the RØDENTH-100 headphones was the Rodecaster Pro for podcasts. The voice / voice quality was simple and I didn’t feel tired from wearing it even after an hour. They adjust well and fit well.

In this next test, I connected the RØDENTH-100 headphones to the Little Dot MKII headphone amplifier and then to the Little Dot MKII headphone amplifier. Arylic Up2stream S50 Pro +, WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 audio receiver, aptX HD preamplifier. I’m using a stock tube because the headphone amplifier hasn’t been wound yet.

I’ve also tested the preamps, so I decided to use this configuration. I must say I love how these headphones sound. I know I’m not using a real audiophile headphone amp and I’m testing a preamp for the first time, but I have to say that these headphones sound great. I have my own musical taste. Below are some of the songs I listened to to test. Keep in mind that I’m mostly a contemporary jazz fan and blues studded with other genres.
Govi – Persuade
Govi – Serenade D’Amor
Eagles – Hotel California
Chris Isaak-Evil Game
Gregory Isaacs-Night Nurse
Michael Lington – Everything Needs to Change
Gato Barbieri-Europe
Ray Charles feat.Diana Krall-You don’t know me
Meisa – Feel the Fire
BB King-Lucille
Quincy Jones – Secret Garden
George Benson – This masquerade
Michael McDonald – Distant Lover
Randy Crawford – Give Me the Night
Lionel Richie-Piece of Love
Sade-By Your Side
Ed Sheeran-Rain
Tasha Cobbs Leonard-You Know My Name

These are just a few of the songs I listened to. The complete list is much more extensive and includes many artists not listed.

I enjoyed all the songs I listened to with RØDENTH-100 headphones. All frequencies are well defined and well defined. There is no turbidity or distortion in the bass. The highs are accurate and very present, but never tiring. Mid offers a sweet spot that incorporates a lot of music information.

Even if you wear these headphones for a long time, you will not get tired and you can plug the cables on both sides, which is convenient. I can’t wait to roll the tube on the Little Dot MKII. I’ve heard about tube combinations that exceed expectations. Adjusting the headband is easy and proper, and the ear pads are very comfortable.

My favorite thing

  • Attractive design
  • Ability to connect to either side
  • Great audio playback
  • Long cable
  • Attached accessories
  • It withstands “RODE” quality

What i want to change

Final idea

Over the years of working in the video shoot industry, I have purchased several Rode devices. I became a repeater because of the good quality of professional microphones. I was cautiously optimistic when I heard that I would release my first headphones. In many cases, the first release of a new venture for an audio / video company leaves a lot of demand. Well, this is not the case with RØDENTH-100 headphones. I know that audio is subjective and personal tastes differ among audiophiles, but IMHO, RØDE understands this correctly, loves to use them, and all their favorite genres. I love listening to. Also, everything I can say is working fine, especially considering the quality and value of the cost, especially compared to the other much more expensive headphones I own, Rode !!

price: $ 149
Where to buy: Amazon, Sweetwater, B & H Photo, and several other retailers
sauce: Samples for this review were provided by RØDE

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