RQ-170 Sentinel: US Army Top Secret Stealth Drone

The US Air Force’s RQ-170 sentinel drone is rarely seen and little is known about its characteristics. Since 2007, several witnesses have found unmanned aerial vehicles in the air in Afghanistan. Last sighting By amateur aircraft enthusiasts at the end of 2021.

Lockheed Martin’s product of tranquility Skunk WorksThe drone has maintained a low level of hype for years, which is what the Air Force wants. The RQ-170 received the name “Kandahar Beast” for its mission in Afghanistan. The nickname looks interesting, so let’s take a closer look at the aircraft shy about this promotion.

Last seen in Southern California

Civilian photographer I took a picture that looks like a RQ-170 in the El Mirage Desert in the south Edwards Air Force Base, California in December 2021. The stealth flying wing is 90 feet wide and 6 feet high. It is designated for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. The RQ-170 can also feed back target acquisition data to the home base and perform electronic warfare operations.

Did it play a role in the bin Laden raid?

The RQ-170 is a high altitude drone that can fly up to 50,000 feet. This will be an important asset for the Air Force.this May have produced a video For the 2011 Osama bin Laden raid monitored by President Barack Obama and the National Security Council during the operation.

Iran stole one

Although the operation was an expected success, the RQ-170 has endured some difficult luck over the years.For some reason Iranians were captured 2011 RQ-170. It is not clear how they took it intact. Tehran said they controlled its flight guidance system to thwart it and drift it to Iran. The Pentagon has denied that it was “hacked.” However, the photo was published in Iran’s state media and shows the RQ-170 captured by propaganda reels.

Tehran Creates Copycat Drone

Iranian May be A reverse-engineered component of the RQ-170 because the national defense industry created what is called an unmanned aerial combat vehicle. Saeqeh (Thunderbolt) Similar to the Kandahar beast. Janes Defense wrote About Saegheh. “On February 10, 2018, an Iranian RQ-170 derivative launched from Syria was shot down after entering Israeli airspace. After that, it was confirmed that the UAV was” armed with explosives. ” However, it did not reveal whether they were carried in the form of fireable weapons or as an integrated bullet. ”

Israeli Air Force Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Tomel Barr, Told Defense News“They more or less duplicated it … but I don’t score them.”

Air Force continues to classify details

Since then, little has been revealed about the RQ-170. The Air Force official website It only shows a vague three-paragraph explanation that jumps out of Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, and admits that it is “poorly observable.”

Now playing a role against China

It has been found not only in the Middle East but also in Guam. It may have been updated in the last few years with improved sensors and synthetic aperture radar. This means that the Air Force is confident that it can operate against China and North Korea as needed. This is an important development if you take off from Guam on a regular basis. China may have received information about the RQ-170 after being arrested by Iran. That’s why Americans explain how to keep drone details sparse in open source media.

The best aspect of this drone is the high ceiling of 50,000 feet. This property seems to provide more viability. Unmanned spacecraft, more reconnaissance drones online, RQ-4 Global Hawk Intercontinental spy drone Retirement.. Therefore, the Kandahar beast has the potential to become an East Asian beast in the future.

He is currently the Defense and National Security Editor of 1945. Brent M. EastwoodPhD is the author of Humans, Machines, Data: Future Trends in War.. He is a new threat expert and a former US Army infantry officer. You can follow him on Twitter @BMEastwood..

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