Samsung seems to have a large stockpile of 50 million devices due to low demand


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Anonymous, 1 hour agoI don’t think audio jacks and memory expansion are the real cause of sluggish sales.That t … detailsThere are too many models to expand the more functional flagship and features removed from the midrange (jack, SD card). And the nerve to sell phones with 2GB rams, lame screens, weak CPUs and more.


Yuri84, 6 hours agoIf your phone is in a case, “cheap plastic” is fine.There … moreI paid $ 450 for A7 2016, which I have been using since 2016. It has fallen many times and has no cracks at all. Surprisingly, the aluminum frame has small dents, but the front / back Gorilla Glass 4 has no cracks at all. Yes, the back is slippery and you can solve it with the back of frosted glass. Now, replace the back with plastic. Why take out the metal chassis? Currently, the A72 is priced at $ 650 😂😂😂


I don’t think audio jacks and memory expansion are the real cause of sluggish sales. Its very low-end soc Samsung selection is on their phones. So, for a price of a52 or a72 / 73, you can get Xiaomi or Realme with the flagship snapdragon 8 series chip that Samsung doesn’t even offer on galactic phones.


Uh … lowering the price may help. All manufacturers have fallen into some sort of price spiral over the last three years. why? It is the same piece of plastic with the same display and the same performance from a distance of 2m. Why do I have to pay 1000 US $ to put three “Pro” cameras on the back? I think people started to see it.


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Mir7aaa, 9 hours agoBecause of its high budget.I also agree with the budget bcoz.


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My opinion about Samsung is that I’ve only used Samsung since I started using the phone for me The best phone was Samsung, but this is why my phone doesn’t work properly For the first time I need to change the phone or I need to call a dummy piece that is not worth using 40000 Samsung needs to bring changes to low range phones that are 30000 to 50000 at least they are stylish specially Must look rose gold color This is my personal experience pl wants to buy a new phone Thank you 🙏❤


Samsung mobile

I’m glad I bought the model
No service guarantee
They gave a sub-service station, and when you go there, they say they are out of warranty on payment, we can repair your cell phone.

People need to know how to file a proceeding in consumer court. Then Samsung will be the right service 🙏


One Story: Samsung has a big yield problem with its processors!
Two stories: Samsung has a large stockpile of unsold devices!

Gadget news is full of fake stories, so it’s probably banned in OANN as well. “Hey, we don’t care about fake news, but can we lower it by a or three notches? It’s too much, man. Too much …:

Why aren’t you so surprised?


People can’t afford it.high


Because the price is high


I’m not surprised. Maybe Samsung felt like Apple and removed so many features without asking the customer. However, Apple was the only Apple user trapped in their ecosystem. Samsung customers can either leave or hold the device a little longer. If Samsung made a phone with Note 9 features (and would like a wider flat display and fm-radio), I would probably have bought two or three Samsung phones in the last three years. .. But with the current Samsung strategy, I still hold the Note 9 and hope for a better era …


Mir7aaa, 9 hours agoBecause of its high budget.What does high budget mean? Samsung has invested a lot of resources in consumables / its business so that it can profit from those investments.


Dirio, 9 hours agoIt’s thanks to their service. Bad service requires this. Which service do you refer to?


No audio jack Why A53 A73 failed A52s are still around


Samsung has decided to make the A53 / A73 design cheaper and start cutting corners. Now they are paying the price. Everyone knows that the Chinese are cutting left and right, but when Sammy is doing the same, it’s their reputation. My companion wanted to upgrade his A51 to an A53, and I told him about it, now he has an A52 5G and he wasn’t happier anymore. Samsung should start offering a big discount on the A53, which has no headphone jack and works at a higher price on slow chips, Ppl is not stupid Samsung!

Dodge, 10 hours agoI think Samsung’s low sales are a direct result of Samsung’s reduction in previous communications … Read moreIt’s very unlikely that Sony is interested in 8K, so why continue to use the 12MP sensor? That said, they continue to improve their camera sensors. The telephoto sensor of the Xperia 1 Mk4 is a long-awaited improvement over that of the Xperia 1/5 Mk3.

Yuri84, 6 hours agoThat’s what impacts sales by removing the headphone jack.It’s a joke, but maybe … read moreWhy do you make that reality a child? In the first place, not everyone wants to spend more on already expensive phones. If Samsung and other brands really want to remove their phone’s headphone jack and microSD card support, try to sell it cheaper in the first place so that you can spend more on third party solutions. Such a simple.

Not surprisingly, Samsung dropped the A33, A53, and A73 headphone jacks. Return it to the A34, A54, and A74 and watch the profits rise like crazy. Sales of the A52 / A52 5G / A52s 5G and A72 will continue to be strong in 2022.

Imagine what happens when PS Samsung provides DeX support for A7x models. It’s even more popular than the Galaxy S Phone.

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