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Forgetting headphones for training is like forgetting sneakers. What is the point? According to a 2020 study published in Frontiers in Psychology, research is probably not needed to convey this, but music increases the benefits of exercise and reduces the feeling. In addition, people reported that they enjoyed their workouts more when they listened to music than when they listened to it. This is from a 2019 study published in the Psychology Journal of Sports and Exercise.

However, outdoors, blowing music through headphones can lose important clues from the world around you and can be tossed by careless drivers, unnoticed cyclists, or distracting pedestrian phones. (It’s wild in the world). So where is the happy medium?

Shokz OpenRun Pro Open Ear Headphones use bone conduction technology to deliver sound through the cheekbones rather than in the air. Yes, it’s the cheekbone. In standard over-ear or in-ear headphones, sound vibrations travel down the ear canal to the eardrum, where the brain processes these vibrations and interprets them as sound. Bone conduction technique bypasses the eardrum and sends those sound waves directly to the cochlea or inner ear through the cheeks of the upper jaw and the bones in the jaw.

With these headphones, you can clearly hear the ambient noise, whether it’s in nearby traffic conditions or comments from your training colleagues. Many popular headphones, including the AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro, provide a “transparency” mode that uses a microphone to send external sound to your ears, but it’s not as clear as leaving the ear canal wide open around you. ..

For the ultimate outdoor athlete

Shokz OpenRun Pro is perfect for anyone who wants to hear the surroundings clearly while working out or running outdoors. While you’ll get better sound quality from traditional workout-focused earphones like the Beats Fit Pro, Shokz headphones are a better option for those who prioritize safety and comfort.

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For me, the most important function of training techniques is to enhance training rather than interfere with it. And I hardly remember wearing these, often leaving them on long after I got home. Very lightweight at 29 grams (about 3 grams more than my long-distance running headphones Beats Powerbeats).

The elastic titanium band that caught on my ears didn’t get caught when I put oversized sunglasses, a hat, or both on top. Despite barely feeling, they weren’t upset during any training, even during high-intensity interval training when I was bouncing the entire roof deck with dumbbells.

I usually run on the street, not on a running pass or track. Therefore, when wearing traditional headphones like Beats, you need to be aware of your surroundings. visuallyBecause I can’t always hear what’s happening around me. At OpenRun Pros, not only did I hear cars coming behind me, but I also heard the swooshing of bicycle tires and the conversation of people passing by. I was also able to have a complete conversation with my running partner without turning down the volume. This can only be done with Beats if you remove one of your headphones and push it into your sports bra. Unlike when I tried using transparent mode on my AirPods Pro, the ambient noise was very clear. This made me feel like I was stuffed with my ears as if I was away from my surroundings.

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Another useful feature is Quick Charge. It provides an hour and a half of juice on a charge of just 5 minutes. Great for those who have forgotten to pre-charge but can’t sweat without the soundtrack. By the end of the 6-mile run, my headphones were still “medium” charged, but I managed to squeeze two strength trainings, the 7-mile run and the last 12-mile run, before the battery warning was displayed. I was able to. “It was low.”

OpenRun Pro lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge. This is longer than a single task that even the most enthusiastic amateur exercisers do, so you don’t have to be stressed about losing sound in the middle of your workout.

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To improve sound quality over previous iterations, Shokz has added two bass enhancers to the OpenRun Pro cheekbone pad. This will further enhance your listening experience. I listen to very low-pitched, heavy music during my workout, but nothing about the sound that undermines my workout. However, I noticed that increasing the volume increases the volume (the pad on the right has power and volume controls, and the buttons on the left switch tracks, play / pause music, operate the voice assistant, make calls. You can receive), and you are more likely to feel vibrations on your cheeks. It didn’t bother me, but if you’re new to it, you can tickle it a bit.

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The sound is definitely smaller than what comes out of traditional headphone speakers (like blowing music from a phone or computer, not a stereo system). This is expected if you are not delivering the sound directly to your eardrum. For example, when you run it on Beats or AirPods, the sound feels richer and richer, as if you were completely immersed.

Note: That doesn’t mean that these protect your hearing. Deafness is due to potential damage to the inner ear, so you should not get into the habit of exploding volume at 100%.

Ashley Mateo / CNN

If you’re looking for a safer way to listen to music while working outdoors, Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones raise the bar for open-ear technology with unprecedented sound quality. When it comes to ambient noise, it’s better than more expensive traditional headphones with transparency, like the Beats Fit Pro, which is a popular workout earphone today.

With a comfortable fit and lightweight design, these headphones are barely noticeable and are a great compliment for anyone who wants to focus on their workout. Battery life can last longer than any sweat session you have planned, but the Quick Charge feature is a genius for those who don’t have the habit of fully charging after all training.

If you like to get your workouts out, these can literally be lifesaver. Knowing your surroundings can help prevent accidents and pay attention to danger. OpenRunPro provides a way to stay connected without blocking your ears. It also doesn’t sound as good as what you get from the best wireless earphone picks like BeatsFit Pro and Jabra Elite7 Active, but you don’t have to sacrifice audio quality altogether. Perfect for those who want safety and comfort over the best sound.

BeatsFit Pro Wireless Noise Canceling Earphones

weight 1.02 ounces 0.18 oz per bud 0.49 oz per bud
Ambient noise Yes (via open design) Yes (via transparent mode) Yes (via open design)
Active noise canceling No yes No
Battery life (rated) Up to 10 hours Up to 6 hours Up to 8 hours
Fast charge 1.5 hours from 10 minutes charge 1 hour from 5 minutes of charging 3 hours from 30 minutes charge
water resistant IP55 IPX4 IPX4
colour Pink, black, blue, beige Black, white, sage gray, stone purple black

$ 179

$ 199

$ 199


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