SKG V7 Smartwatch Review-Making Technology Easier

Smartwatches are convenient, but they are also very expensive. If you think you don’t have the money to spend for your smartwatch, there are several budget models that may perform all the functions you need. This review describes the SKG V7 smartwatch and sees if it covers both budget and feature requirements.

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SKG V7 smartwatch setup

Only three items are included to prove that the SKG V7 smartwatch contains what you need.

SkgV7 smartwatch review Unboxed2
  • Smart watch
  • Charging cord
  • Quick start guide
SkgV7 smartwatch review charging code

Before setting up your smartwatch, you need to charge it to 100%. The charging cord fits into a standard USB-A charging brick and is magnetically attached to the back of the watch.

SkgV7 smartwatch review back

After it was fully charged, I had a little trouble pairing it with the Veryfit app (available on both iOS and Android).

Welcome to the SkgV7 smartwatch review

I’ve started setting up to ask for permission for data such as steps, heart rate, and sleep. A “Get Started” screen appears, asking you to tap the green checkmark on your watch to “complete the binding”. This meant pairing.

SkgV7 smartwatch review binding

On another screen, I was asked to complete pairing on my smartphone.

SkgV7 smartwatch review pairing

At this point the screen freezes and I can’t go any further. The phone had to be factory reset to continue.

The clock will generate a QR code that needs to be scanned to continue.

SkgV7 smartwatch review successfully bound

Next I registered my account and then “bind” my SKG V7 smartwatch to my phone.

SkgV7 smartwatch review notification

Select the notification to display on the clock to display the appropriate data, time, and so on.

SkgV7 smartwatch review pair data

Using the SKG V7 smartwatch

You can choose from several watch faces for your SKG V7 smartwatch.

SkgV7 smartwatch review watch face

You can also select the health data to track (heart, stress, drinking water, walking, menstruation tracking).

SkgV7 smartwatch review health data

Tracking stress was unique to me. Not available on my Apple Watch. During the test, I compared the Apple Watch and SKG V7 Smartwatch side by side.

SkgV7 smartwatch review shortcut

You can also select “shortcuts” (health data, heart, steps, last activity, weather, music control) to display on the clock screen.

SkgV7 smartwatch review Bpm

The SKG V7 smartwatch tracks walking, running and other workouts. You can start with the app or the watch itself.

SkgV7 smartwatch review tracking started

I was able to walk every day except Sunday, continue yoga and track both. One day I lifted the weight and did another Pilates. I was able to track them as well.

SkgV7 smartwatch review walking

This was the beginning of my first walk and SKG was on the right. There was a slight time difference to start the two. I was able to listen to audiobooks while walking, listen to them on my mobile phone, and control them with my watch. Of course, it also works for music and podcasts. You can also receive calls from your watch.

Post-walk SkgV7 smartwatch review

After walking, the data were slightly different. I think the difference was the moment each watch last tracked your heart rate.

SkgV7 smartwatch review GPS

The Veryfit app will show you the GPS of your run. I couldn’t do this when I walked, I just ran. He said he was running even though he was really walking.

Initial data for SkgV7 smartwatch review

The health data displayed in the app is displayed not only for exercise events, but also throughout the day, week, and so on.

SkgV7 smartwatch review week

I do yoga through Apple Fitness +, which requires an Apple Watch and shows better indicators, but SKG still showed the data

SkgV7 smartwatch review yoga

On the first day, I charged the SKG while taking a shower, just like the Apple Watch, but I didn’t need to charge it. Battery life is very long. I haven’t recharged it, and it still has more than 20% battery left after almost 5 days, but the manufacturer promises up to 8 days. I’m wearing my Apple Watch while I’m sleeping, so I need to charge it twice a day.

SkgV7 smartwatch review weather

However, I also found that the SKG V7 smartwatch should be kept close to the smartphone while charging. Otherwise, stop real-time updates. You can see that the weather did not update after 5 hours, even though I was clearly taking a shower. I had to reopen the app to sync.

Final idea

If you are looking for a budget smartwatch to guide you through your fitness routine, the SKG V7 smartwatch will work for you. It provides all the data you need and more, and keeps track of everything you want.

SkgV7 smartwatch review flat

SKG V7 was inadequate in some areas. For one thing, I had a hard time catching up with notifications until I couldn’t rely on them because I was disconnected when I wasn’t near the phone. Also, the guidance was very light and there were many things I had to think about myself.

One of the things I wanted was the integration of some kind of voice assistant. While preparing this article, I found that Alexa was included. But I couldn’t find a way to do that.

If you want to get your own SKG V7 smartwatch, clip your Amazon coupon and get it for just $ 39.99.

Image Credits: Changed by SKG, Laura Tucker. Images of all interior products by Laura Tucker.

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