Smart Sound: An overview of high-tech, next-generation headphones

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These models boast beautiful designs, high-end materials, and impressive output.

Whether it’s music, movies, podcasts, or phones, headphones are becoming more sophisticated. Next-generation headphones can be synchronized with mobile phones and tablets without being connected to a sound source with cables or wires, allowing easy switching of functions and achieving optimal audio for the surrounding environment. Also, when working from home, many of these high-end headphones utilize new technology to seamlessly block noise. Or capture the sound when you need it.

The latest models also boast beautiful designs, high-end materials and even bold colors to make your listening experience a little more luxurious.

We recommend smart headphones that stand out clearly at high volume.

Montblanc MB01

Well-known for its fine pens and fine leather goods, Montblanc got serious with its first headphones. The Hamburg-based company used Alex Rosson, the founder of studio equipment maker Audeze, to design the MB 01. In addition to the gorgeous feel from the extremely soft leather details, the headphones provide excellent audio, active noise cancellation, and maximum wireless range. About 32 feet. When you connect your headphones to your device, you can customize the sound with a 5-point equalizer that uses presets optimized for your music style. You can also get the latest updates from Montblanc. Bonus: Montblanc teamed up with French fashion and music label Maison Kitsuné on $ 745 limited edition headphones in blue leather.

Montblanc MB01 is available for $ 640.

Zygo Solo

You can’t stream in a stream unless you’re using Zygo Solo, the first headphones designed to stream audio from your device underwater. Zygo, a waterproof blue headset with a winding design, claims a range of about 165 feet underwater and about 0.5 miles on dry land. Bluetooth doesn’t move underwater, so Zygo uses a small transmitter that connects to the device via the Bluetooth settings. The Zygo app features on-demand workouts, tempo trainers, and an “achievement tracker” for graphing aquatic progress.

Zygo Solo is available for $ 299.

Apple AirPod Max

Apple has thoroughly designed these noise canceling headphones. Dynamic drivers designed by Apple provide high fidelity audio. Computational Audio combines a custom acoustic design with an Apple H1 chip and software for a more accurate listening experience. These have been well received by reviewers for their easy sync with iOS devices. For video streaming, the amazing “head tracking” feature adjusts the audio as you move your head so you can hear the sound from the right direction. AirPods Max’s active noise canceling blocks external noise so you can be completely immersed in your music. If you want to reconnect with society, restore the sound in transparent mode.

Apple AirPod Max can be purchased for $ 549.

Sennheiser Momentum 3

This venerable German audio company has poured 75 years of research and technology into Momentum 3 and features stainless steel arms and luxurious ear cups. Sennheiser has streamlined Momentum 3’s controls into a sophisticated three-button interface. You can use this interface to connect to your voice assistant, control your music, or switch to a call. The Sennheiser Smart Control app allows you to adjust sound characteristics to your playlist, including music, news, podcasts, and movies. Active noise cancellation has three modes for different environments. Bonus: Turning these powers on or off will automatically switch them on and off.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 is available for $ 399.95.

Master & Dynamic MW65

Although they aren’t exactly flashy, Master & Dynamic headphones convey the price through anodized aluminum parts and luxurious leather earcups. There are also stylish colorways like brown and navy. Fortunately, the ones in these ultra-lightweight headphones are just as impressive. They feature a custom 40mm beryllium driver, considered an elite acoustic material, a 65-foot Bluetooth range, and the company’s active noise-cancelling technology. The M & D Connect app allows you to download firmware updates, adjust settings, and change default settings from your mobile device.

The Master & Dynamic MW65 is available for $ 499.

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