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The point: Snapchat has released its first camera drone, the SnapPixy. And after testing, I can say that other cell feed loans are easy to operate. I’ve been shooting beach shots, poolside portraits, and elevated mountain trajectories for the past two weeks, and the camera hasn’t failed to shoot at different overhead angles. In addition to stunningly crisp and stable 2.7K images, Pixy boasts fast export speeds over a built-in Wi-Fi connection. That said, this drone steers itself. It is not the UAV that can be controlled for racing or flying. Also, because it’s basically built as a portable aerial camera, its lightweight, non-waterproof body can’t withstand drizzles and winds above 12 mph. But with a drone all-in $ 250, two spare batteries, and a portable bumper necklace, it’s a drone that even new pilots can use to take shots autonomously and capture memories from a whole new perspective.


  • Camera resolution: 2.7K
  • Onboard memory storage: 16 GB
  • Shooting modes: hover, view, follow, orbit, custom
  • Battery life: 4 minutes per battery, 3 of which total 12 minutes
  • Size: 5×4 inches
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs

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    Pixy drone is easy to use

    Snapchatpixy drone in use

    Snapchat Pixy Drone on the balcony shelf.

    Trevor Rab

    The same easy-to-use Snapchat capture, editing, and storage experience is reflected in Pixy. Line up the metal contact plates, put the drone’s dial into standby mode, press and hold the capture button for 7 seconds, a stick-shaped battery cartridge will be inserted into the drone, and Pixy will sync with the Snapchat app. No need to worry about assembly. The propeller is protected in a 0.2-pound design enclosure, allowing you to record high-quality aerial footage within a minute of unpacking. The pocket-friendly 5×4 inch Pixy fits in the palm of your hand, comparable to the size of the iPhone 13 Pro, but also comes with a safe and easy-to-move bumper case necklace.

    To use the drone, hold the drone in front of you with your palm and turn the silver physics analog wheel to get 5 total capture modes (1 custom mode and 4 preset flight modes (hover, rival, follow, and). Orbit). Then press the yellow top button to start the flight. The LED indicator flashes green and the drone takes off without consulting the controller or Snapchat. App. When the recording is complete, the LED indicator will glow white. All videos or photos are stored in ample 16GB storage space, which is exported after every 30 or 60 seconds of capture.

    First hover in 5 capture modes Take the drone away from your hand and let it act as a tripod cameraman.It pans left and right while tracking you At the head level. The next wheel is a Reveal shot. This is useful for zooming in or zooming out shots, retreating to see a wider field of view in space. The third is the follow mode, which is indicated by a circle and an arrow. While I ran down the beach and roamed the office, Pixy tracked accurately with a stable over-the-shoulder view. And when I tried this mode internally, it avoided the cupboard, climbed the stairs, and chased me around the pillars and curves of the office building without hitting anyone. Next is the orbit mode, which sends the drone to capture 360 ​​degree surround shots. This is great for getting videos from high places. The final icon (indicated by a star on the physical shot selection wheel) is a favorite setting that allows you to customize the shot type, distance, and timing of recording.

    Capture cinematic footage

    Zoom out when standing on the golf course. (Note that the video is compressed so that it will not be uploaded.)

    I was pleasantly surprised at the 2.7K quality of each capture. The footage of Pixy is stable and looks especially clear in the sun. This often results in overexposure and loss of detail. I pushed the boundaries by taking orbital shots of the drone going around the water on the beach (Snap advises against this so that the drone doesn’t plunge and lose the waves). I almost lost it in a gust of 14 mph. However, at speeds below 7 mph, clear and smooth motion tracking is possible. This camera captured part of the Connecticut coastline from the New York side of Long Island Sound. This is almost invisible to the eyes and high resolution cameras. And when in the pool, it captured details like cracks in patio bricks from 25 feet in the air and textures from construction factory rubble on fences.

    Snapchatpixy drone in use

    The Snapchat Pixy drone pans in the air to track the subject you’re tracking.

    Trevor Rab

    There is no sound that accompanies the video. But this is not a loss. In particular, the two drones before I bought them cut the audio from the video anyway due to the interference of the blade noise and the muffled audio recording. Videos are stored on a large 16GB onboard storage. That’s enough space for about 1,000 videos. You can also batch import them into the Snapchat app and edit them there, or export them to other platforms such as Messenger, Instagram and TikTok.

    Instant editing and sharing

    Snapchatpixy drone in use

    Adjust flight path and video capture length from the Snapchat app

    Trevor Rab

    When you open the app, you can control and edit. The distance to send the drone, the height to climb, the time it takes for the drone to complete its trajectory, etc. are all highly customizable.

    The four editing options are one-tap effects. Bounce (create GIF), Orbit 3D (quickly add space to the side of the subject), Hyperspeed (fasten clip playback speed), Jump Cut. (Collect the most attractive clips). I chose from these to create content like music videos. In addition to social sharing, you can easily export your captures to your camera roll or your favorite video editing app in horizontal or vertical format.

    Bummer battery life

    Snapchatpixy drone in use

    Replace the new battery cartridge from the dual charger base. This is something you do often.

    Trevor Rab

    For all its benefits, Pixy’s battery life absolutely requires work. All this simplicity comes at the expense of flight time. Even with the dual charger pack, I used all three batteries in just 4 minutes per stick on average. This is enough to make two 30 second shots of each shot type per battery. However, there are no plans to shoot extensively without interrupting charging or bringing a portable power bank. It took an average of an hour from when the battery was fully charged to when it was fully charged. This is good, but not so good, especially if you want to get a perfect shot like a golden hour sunset.


    Snapchatpixy drone in use

    A SnapPixy drone that avoids objects while capturing over-the-shoulder video along a curved indoor truck.

    Trevor Rab

    Snap’s first foray into drones stands out for its easy capture of everyday moments and scenes from a new perspective. Lightweight, easy to use, and create great looking images and videos. The one-tap in-app editing suite is easier than TikTok or Reels, so you can easily create sophisticated videos with jump cuts, laps, and music. I wish the battery life was longer and the drone was a little tougher. Tracking techniques rely on enough light to track the target and land properly, so you can fly a pixie from a steep cliff-like height, place it on water, or take a suitable night shot. It is not possible to take a picture. However, these advances do not allow for a slim pocket-friendly design that makes this gadget feel very natural in everyday use. I was impressed with this first iteration, the Pixy drone. The biggest problem is finding inventory.

    Trevor Rab

    Pixie drone flight pack

    • Crisp 2.7K camera
    • Easy to use and share video
    • Super lightweight and compact

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