These new wireless headphones are designed with heavy metal fans in mind

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Sony Inzone H9 Gaming Headphones Review: Comfortable and Great

Not happy with applying AV and console know-how to the new dedicated Inzone gaming monitor (see flagship models here), Sony has also announced a new trio of Inzone gaming headphones. More details on this new headphone range can be found in a news article posted late tonight, but Sony sent us a new set of … Read more

20 Best Over-Ear Headphones in 2022: Apple, Beats and more

If you purchase through our link, the New York Post may be indemnified and / or receive affiliate commissions. Sure, AirPods are the modern in-ear device of choice, but there’s a reason why over-ear headphones weren’t left in the 90’s. There’s something special (and retro) about a chunky pair of headphones when it’s all said … Read more

Master & Dynamic MW75 Wireless Headphones Review: Overpriced

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Wireless bluetooth headphones for enjoying music under Rs2499

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The Cleer Next open-back headphones are the best I’ve ever heard.

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Are Arctis Nova Pro Headphones Worth Investing?

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