2022 Best Beats Headphones

Beats, along with its current parent company Apple, has evolved into an audio lifestyle brand backed by the geniuses of music industry legends Andre “Dr Dre” Young and Jimmy Iovine. Over the last few years, there have been interesting changes for electronics giants, especially when it comes to the types of Beats audio products available … Read more

The best headphones to sleep in 2022

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Urbanista Los Angeles Self-Charging Headphones Review

A solid blend of eco-friendly technology and retro-chic design, the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones are the only solar cans on the market today. The beauty of Los Angeles wireless headphones with headbands made of solar cell material is that they can always be recharged as long as they are exposed to all kinds of light, … Read more

ShokzOpenRunPro Review | CNN Underscore

Forgetting headphones for training is like forgetting sneakers. What is the point? According to a 2020 study published in Frontiers in Psychology, research is probably not needed to convey this, but music increases the benefits of exercise and reduces the feeling. In addition, people reported that they enjoyed their workouts more when they listened to … Read more