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Creative Zen Hybrid wireless headphones are the latest cans from the company, which look great with a matte white finish and may claim to be a bit more expensive than they really are. If you miss a referral offer, you must say that you really lost here. These are nicely displayed in a small box and the details are clearly visible in the feature set. If you missed it before checking, you can see the following complete opening:

These cans are neither big nor heavy and are ideal for long-term use such as music, games and podcasts. Either way, you can access and enjoy the SuperAppli SXFI for even greater value, control and customization. For money here, testing other headphones with past headphones combined with the app is a win for most people.

Headphones are so comfortable and light that they can be used not only for music but also for games. Also, since all the controls are on one side, these controls are slightly lifted for easy navigation and have a convenient ANC. You can also use the buttons freely. There was no squeaking or sweating of the cup during use, but depending on the humidity, there was slight sweating after long-term use, such as several hours.

Unpacking the Creative Zen hybrid

Headphones are fine without the app, which may sound a bit hollow to some people, but downloading the app completely changes the game and I’m a big fan. As mentioned earlier, I was able to test this app several times. It did a good job in the preview during my test, and can only get better, and I may come back later in another review when full access is granted, but it’s Do a decent job.

In the app, you can skip / reverse / pause and adjust the treble and bass, customize the presets as needed, and have a lot of problems for now. The sound quality is excellent and you can add bass and treble to play. This is good if I’m a bass fan you’ll love it, they’re also great for games, music and movies are also great directions and non-overlapping, good highs and lows and no lag latency in the mids ..

For money you can’t really complain that battery life is also good at this price, and you get 5 hours of play on a 5 minute charge, and this is noteworthy here, the actual In testing battery life will reach up to about 35 hours for me I tend to have them at maximum volume that is not good for my ears, but when wearing headphones, and testing When I’m there I don’t want to know what else is happening, but you have an ambient mode at your disposal This is also uncommon in most headphones and that what you want to hear is happening Ideal for catching.

There is no problem with these, and you can clear both ends. This is great if you have to pay overall. A clean design that goes well with a matte finish can’t be expected anymore, but the price-performance ratio has improved. Although it’s a busy market these days, Creative is a well-established brand, a great product, and of course an SXFI app, so it makes most of the money here.

See the video review below for more information.

Key features of CreativeZenHybrid

  • Hybrid ANC (feedforward and feedback microphones for each earcup)

  • Ambient mode

  • Battery life – up to 37 hours (ANC off), up to 27 hours (ANC on)

  • Up to 5 hours of playback with just 5 minutes of charging

  • 40mm neodymium driver

  • Folding design with carry pouch


Price and availability

The Creative Zen Hybrid costs £ 99.99 and is available in the Creative online store.

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Video review

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