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The latest additions to the MUVE payload family enable quick and secure response to aerial biological threats and disaster situations.

Paris, June 2022-Teledyne FLIR Defense today announced the launch of a new MUVE ™ B330 drone payload in Eurosatory that can be used to detect deadly biological agents and other airborne biohazard.

MUVE B330 is continuous Biological detectors and collectors designed for unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAS) and unmanned platforms to monitor biological threats in real time on the move. The payload allows the operator to evaluate potentially dangerous scenes from a safe distance. If a dangerous condition exists or is expected, the MUVE B330 can be used to dive into suspicious areas and perform an initial assessment of potential biological agents. The new sensor payload deploys in minutes, significantly reducing time to action. The Teledyne FLIR SkyRanger® R70 and R80D SkyRaider ™ UAS aircraft serve as the initial deployment platform for the B330.

With the MUVE B330, the operator …

· Quickly assess threat boundaries

-Trigger automatic sample collection for subsequent identification

Allows human operators to make informed decisions before approaching dangerous scenes

· Identify the source of the threat and track its progress as the scene unfolds

・ Covers difficult terrain from the air

“The MUVEB330 is a strategic addition to our line of intelligent sensing solutions integrated for unmanned platforms that are critical to protecting the military, public security personnel, and the general public in the event of a fatal threat or accident.” Said Dr. David Cullin, Vice President. General Manager of Unmanned and Integrated Solutions at TeledyneFLIR Defense. “Remote detection of biological agents using drones means saving time in the field and safe measures for military and first responders, all of which save lives.”

The MUVE B330 biological detector complements the FLIR MUVE ™ C360 multi-gas detector. The FLIR MUVE ™ C360 multi-gas detector can be deployed in both Teledyne FLIR and commercial UAS systems and robots. In April, the company announced a partnership with Boston Dynamics.® The robot is equipped with C360 to remotely monitor chemical threats in industrial and public security applications.

The B330 is a SWaP-optimized configuration that leverages the legacy design and performance of Teledyne FLIR’s field-proven IBAC biodetection product line. The B330 provides integrated situational awareness and utilizes visuals and detailed views to provide a comprehensive overview of the active scene. The identified threats are displayed on the map using easy-to-understand pin drops.

Learn more about Teledyne FLIR’s wide range of threat detection technologies and solutions online.

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