The best smartwatch for kids

If you’re not ready to give your child a smartphone, but want more freedom while tracking their activities, a smartwatch is for you.

Different models are available with different benefits, regardless of what age group your child is currently in. Whether you need a companion to teach time, a watch with video and Wi-Fi access, social media, or a gadget full of games to keep them entertained.

Many models also have a built-in pedometer to keep you informed of your child’s fitness and ensure that you make healthy decisions. Some models have built-in exercise challenges.

To help you make a decision, we have put together a complete summary of some of the best smartwatches for kids below.

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The best smartwatch for kids in 2022

Garmin vivofit Junior 3

Garmin vivofit Jr.3 Kids Fitness Tracker

Marvel, Disney, Mandalorian With this nifty Garmin vivofit smartwatch that doubles as a fitness tracker, you can now imagine yourself as your favorite character. The large display clearly shows the time and you can choose from a variety of designs so your child can play with his face.

The watch has a battery life of up to one year, so you don’t need to charge it. If the battery runs out, you can easily replace it.

Pair this handy device with your parent’s phone app to suggest 60 minutes of exercise each day to promote healthy habits, schedule appointments and household chores, and reward good behavior. You can also.

Fitbit Ace3 Activity Tracker Watch

Fitbit ace 3

This slim, smart watch from Fitbit helps your child develop healthy exercise habits, thanks to the fun challenges installed.

It is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters and can be used for swimming monitoring. And with a battery life of up to 8 days, your child won’t run out when running around and can effectively count your steps. Rack up.

With a comfortable silicone strap and sleep mode, you can set bedtime reminders and a gentle wake-up alarm.

VTech Kidizoom smartwatch

VTech193803 Kidizoom smartwatch DX2 toys

A colorful option from VTech, this set of bright watches is suitable for people over 4 years old.

Thanks to the two built-in cameras, you can not only tell the time, but also take a picture. These cameras can be edited with the Silly Yourself app.

You can choose from 55 types of digital watch faces. It also has a built-in microphone and you can keep them entertained with video options. There is also a pedometer that monitors your daily steps.

Xplora X5 Play Smartwatch for Kids

Xplora X5 Play

With Xplora X5, you can stay in close contact with your child wherever you are. You can answer the phone with this smartwatch, so you can stay in touch and check in, as well as having GPS capabilities so you can rest assured.

There is no option to download social media on the phone. In other words, you can be sure that there are no unwelcome messages. You also have the option to manage your contact list using the free parental app next to your watch, giving you complete control over your safety.

It has a built-in fun camera that you can use to send photo updates, and you can save your favorite memories with the gallery option that can hold 1,000 images.

PTHTECHUS Kids Smart Watch

PTHTECHUS Kids Smart Watch Phone

Boasting a colorful 1.54 inch screen, this watch has many great features to entertain your child.

These include 24 games to explore, an mp3 music player and two cameras. There’s also a two-way calling feature to keep your child on the lookout when traveling or playing, so you can check in whenever you need it.

Comes with a comfortable velcro strap that can be easily adjusted to fit your wrist size as you continue to grow. Nylon material should be gentle on the skin. This is especially useful when playing or increasing your steps. Pedometer function.

SPACETALK Adventure ST2-OC-1 Kids Smart Watch

SPACETALK Adventure ST2-OC-1 Kids Smart Watch

Give your child an adventurer’s setup with this smooth watch. It will keep in touch with them while giving them the freedom to explore alone. It’s easy to pair with both iOS and Android devices, so you can call whenever you want to reconfirm where you are.

There is also a GPS function that allows you to locate yourself with the push of a button. There is also an SOS option that you can use if your child is in danger and wants to call emergency services directly.

There are no social media options either. That is, you can stay offline until you are ready.

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smart Watch for Kids

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smart Watch for Kids with Digital Camera

This truly interactive watch has a unique character and personality that not only produces sound effects, but also wiggles your arms and legs to keep your child’s company in over 100 different expressions.

This watch has the added stopwatch and alarm clock, making it perfect for anyone learning to teach time.

There are many educational games to choose from to inform and entertain your child. And because it’s water resistant, you don’t have to worry about playing in the rain.

Minecraft Kids Green Silicone Strap Smart Watch

Minecraft Kids Green Silicone Strap Smart Watch

Fans of Minecraft wouldn’t want to leave home without a watch of this theme based on their favorite game.

You can choose from 10 faces and have the option to combine 3 different wallpapers. It also has a built-in fitness tracker so you can build an online world and incorporate healthy activities into your lifestyle. It also has a video camera so you can take a selfie when you go out with your friends.

After charging, it will take 5-10 days for replenishment.

Children’s Tickers Smart Series 1 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Children's Tickers Smart Series 1 Bluetooth Smartwatch

This slender oval watch fits your child’s wrist subtly and helps you on your learning journey to know the time.

The simple interface also tells you the date and current battery level. With a built-in pedometer, you can track activity in real time throughout the day.

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