The High Fill Council frees land from its waters area.Purchasing a drone approved by the police

Hyfil-The Hyfil City Council has released land from the water area and approved the purchase of the drone for the police station on July 14.

The council heard from about 260 acres of Rod Garman along Readings Road, which is divided into 21 large plots. The council is uncertain whether it will be possible to obtain an easement, as the cost of acquiring a easement and expanding water services from the Hyfil water supply to the subdivisions could cost the city more than $ 92,000. They said. Since Gentry has a waterway from the land across the road, the council has approved the release of the land to the Gentry Water Service Area.

The land in question is owned by RGBS Readings Road LLC and is typically located east of Readings Road and south of Garman Road. The closest water pipe to Hyfill is in the area of ​​the Pepper Hills parcel.

Chris Holland, a member of the council, said he didn’t like seeing the city abandon part of the water area, but Hyfil couldn’t extend the water to supply these waters. I agreed with the liberation because of the fact that it was not cost effective. Customers at the moment and these buildings in the parcel need water.

The council also approved spending up to $ 5,000 from the police station’s savings fund, either as an initial payment for a drone used by the police station or for shared use between the police and the fire department.

According to police chief Blake Webb, drones can measure thermal images and distances, document and collect evidence, identify missing and flood victims, and identify people in burning buildings. Very useful.

Webb has proposed to buy the drone from the same company that the department uses for body cameras. He said the total cost of the drone would be $ 14,000, but over time it could be paid by contract. He reported $ 19,225 to the police savings account.

In other projects, the council appointed Alexis Rudiro to fill the planning committee seats vacated by Colby Rankin’s resignation on the afternoon of July 14.

Mark Taylor called the council to report on the city’s grading and road repair work. He said he hopes to complete the grading work on the city’s roads by the end of this week.

The city has reported that many box culverts are available at affordable prices, and the city council recommended that city technicians confirm whether the city can use or purchase culverts.

Mayor Michelle Reef was asked about the city’s recorder / accounting, and the mayor said he worked at a mountain home. The Netherlands confirmed if he still lived in Hyphil and suggested to the city to ask him to resign if he did not.

Mr Webb said work at the city’s police station (formerly the United Methodist Church building) is on track and will be completed soon. He said workers were waiting for a new door in the building.

The City Finance Workshop Meeting was set up at 6 pm on July 11th to review the city’s finances in the middle of the year.

Rieff reports that the city is unlikely to receive a grant to build the long-awaited sewerage system for the Northwest Arkansas Conservation Facility, saying the city could apply for an interest-free loan from the Arkansaw Natural Resources Commission. I told the council. For a $ 4.15 million project, there is a 1% fee for a 10-year loan and a 1.75% fee for a 20-year loan. She was encouraged to apply and the council addressed the issue if the application was approved.

She also said that if the POA donates land to the city, and perhaps the money reserved for the street is the project city.

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