The manager does not want employees to “communicate with the outside world” and robs the smartwatch, leaving this customer with a one-star review.

If you’ve read reviews of different restaurants, bars and cafes, you may find that people in such places are looking for good food and drink, and good customer service. These draw attention to what people usually complain about or how great it was.

However, there are other things that customers will notice, and Reddit user ScoobyDooItInTheButt reviews based on the fact that the server is tightly managed and very inhumane, so they decided to leave a one-star review. It is based on the whole.

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The customer saw how the manager used the server’s smartwatch and decided to publish it in a review.

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The OP starts with saying good food and service, but what didn’t work with them was how the manager treated the employees. According to the customer, the manager saw the server using the smartwatch during working hours and took it because “they were communicating with the outside world.”

Administrators may think that using a phone or smartwatch may seem distracting or rude in front of the customer, but OP says that the server is with such a control administrator. I was more worried about having to work together.

I heard they told the server that the manager was taking the clock so that employees wouldn’t “communicate with the outside world.”

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The OP continues to defend its employees, they are doing their job well, and it is assumed that the server will collect the minimum wage, so many restaurants in the United States can do it legally, so officially 1 I think I’m only paid $ 2.75 per hour. From their tips.

If the minimum wage isn’t reached, the employer will have to make up for the difference, but tips are so common in the United States that restaurants don’t worry too much about it and don’t have to pay the full amount. $ 7.25. Such strategies help business owners save money, as customers basically pay wages on their behalf.

As the previous server itself, OP was very dissatisfied with knowing how managers treat their employees, especially how much they earn.

It seems strange that companies are allowed to rely on their customers for employee wages, which OP calls slave wages. This is very familiar, as the person who was the customer in this situation said it was a server before.

In a review, Redditor explained that being a server isn’t the whole life of a person, and that you need to stay in touch with the outside world to actually spend the day. The OP suggests that when employees make the final payment, the server will motivate them to focus solely on their work.

But in that case, these companies aren’t very profitable because they can only make money if they don’t spend a lot of money on paying their employees.

This review reminds us how low server payments are, and that companies often rely on their customers to pay their employees’ wages.

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This is a completely different review and has become viral online. In most cases, Karen complains about ridiculous details, and owners applaud to protect their business and staff.

This time, customers have resurfaced the problem that servers are not well paid in the United States and must rely on the customer’s willingness to leave chips. This is highly anticipated, but not mandatory and shows how few businesses really are or companies care about the people who work for them.

According to statistics, because of the tip culture in the United States, this idea works so that tip accounts for more than half of the server’s wages.

According to the National Employment Law Project (NELP), “The median hourly income from chips accounts for 58.5% of waiters’ income and 54% of bartenders’ income.”

There are several reasons why this can be a problem. First of all, whites receive more chips than colored people, so chips amplify racial inequality. This means widening the wage gap that already exists.

This leads to unequal wages. In particular, customers tend to think that whites have the right to leave more money and harass women’s servers.

With the chip, customers can feel more comfortable with the server being unsuitable. Eighty percent of women working in the food industry report experiencing some form of sexual harassment from their customers while working.

Another negative thing that the tip culture encourages is the exploitation of employees. Tip pooling is legal, so businesses can easily return their profits to themselves rather than to their workers.

Redditor has received many positive reactions to raising an incident in a review and admitting that it was received by an unjust payment server.

Being a server can be a daunting task, as it can be a long shift when you get up or run around a restaurant. You need to work very late or very early, and smile and respond to demanding customers so you can win them. Tipping and paying for the month’s living expenses.

What’s more, their manager may not be the one who understands the most, and as happened in this case, the servers are doing their job well, as the customer who wrote the review experienced. Nevertheless, I had my personal belongings.

At the same time, they regretted that the server had to be humiliated in such a way while getting a paid penny.

The commenters were confused about how to allow the manager to take someone’s smartwatch himself. In particular, I knew that the server had to save for a long time to be able to buy it. They also praised the OP for mentioning the situation in the review, as they regretted that employees had to experience this.

Please let us know what you think about the review. Do you think the wage system for service workers should also be reviewed? Do you think it helps them earn more income, or do you think it will discourage people from tipping and lower server wages at the end of the month? Let us know in the comments!

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