The Ultimate Guide To Hole.Io Game

Released in June 2018, Hole.IO is an addicting multiplayer game. At first, the game is only available on mobile platforms (both Android and iOS). Then the online version was released in July 2018. The father of the IO game is Voodoo.

Hole.Io Game

How to play Hole.Io

To play the Hole.IO game, you have to use your mouse to control a black hole. Travel around the city and take everything (small items) on your way. Starting the game, you have a small hole. Let the hole eat small items, such as traffic lights, post boxes, and people to grow its size. The game has limited time, and you have to race against other players to grow the hole faster. You can get more points if the hole is big.

Bear in mind that the first 30 seconds of the game is essential. If you are among the three biggest in the game, chances of winning are higher. Travel around the park and sidewalks to absorb as many small items as possible. When the hole becomes bigger, you can eat cars, small houses, and other players. You only have two minutes to finish the match. When the match ends, you get 20 points if you are the winner. And you can get 10 points for the second place and five points for the third place.

When you are bored, Hole.IO may be the best option for you. Give it a try, and I believe that it could easily be one of the most fun games.

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