This retro-style diver’s watch left the smartwatch in the drawer

Elliott Brown is a UK-based watch brand known for producing ultra-rugged, good-looking watches that recently added to the series the Bloxworth Heritage Diver (for men) and Bloxworth Hari. (For women). I lent one of these new watches a few months ago, but basically I haven’t removed it since then. I’ve seen brands appear in our best outdoor watch guides, but when it comes to my personal watches, I’ve always traded smartwatches for impractical fashion watches. until now.

Like the rest of Elliott Brown’s range, the new Bloxworths don’t tell you where your GPS is or how many steps you’ve taken that day, but you won’t run out of battery or be upset when hit by a rock. .. Before taking the extreme close-ups of this article, I decided to boldly wear mine coast tearing and rock climbing, so I can prove this, but it still looks good (and works).

If you want to prove tougher, the brand itself does the rigorous testing you’d expect from the best divers’ watches on the market, such as crushing samples with a 3kg stainless steel pendulum mallet or applying 200m of water pressure. Apply to the watch. test. As a watch that can be carried anywhere and do anything without worrying about charging, technical problems or expensive damage, I’m completely sold out.

Elliott Brown Blocks Worth Heritage A man in a diver watches over a wetsuit

(Image credit: Spring PR / Land & Wave)

If you come across a swaying 3kg mallet, you can rest assured that not only will you know what time it is, but the clock will also look good. In particular, I’m crazy about the cool design details you can explain to people, whether they want to hear about them or not. As I learned when I talked to my longtime friend Alex Brown and Ian Elliott, who founded the brand, there are a lot of these watches … and we’re partially grateful for Covid. I have.

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