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Amazon drone deliveryExcerpt from this week’s DRONE LIFE Drone News on June 24th: Read and listen to all headlines in one place. Click the links below to read and listen to each story in its entirety.

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Saturday, June 17th is FAA Drone Safety Day. A full crew podcast, influential drone Dave Klaus, and pilot institute Greg River Diau have collaborated to produce a video featuring FAA drone experts and FAAS Team drone pros.

Watch full crew video Saturday, June 17th, 11:00 am EST.

Unobstructable GPS for drones: protection of critical missions

An industrial-grade vertical takeoff and landing UAV that performs fully autonomous surveillance missions, the Delta Quad recently integrated a rugged GPS system that can withstand state-of-the-art jamming techniques.

Despite growing global tensions and increasing demand for aerial intelligence platforms, most commercial platforms today have no means of defending against the latest jamming techniques, before GPS and communication links take off. It is being disturbed. To address this issue, DeltaQuad’s R & D team has been working over the past few months to successfully integrate one of the most advanced anti-jamming GPS systems currently available.

Become a Drone Racing Pilot: The DRL Sim Tryout is open!

This week, the 2022 DRL SIM tryout has begun. This is an annual esports tournament that offers winners a flight contract in the Drone Racing League (DRL). SIM Champions will compete with top drone pilots from the 2022-23 DRL Algorand World Championship season in a series of real-life events as well as esports and the Metaverse. This fall, the championship will air on top sports networks around the world.

D-Protect the Sky: Counter Drone Solutions Protect Legal Operations (Drone Safety Day Special)

As drones continue to grow, a few actors who don’t follow the rules can set back the fast-growing drone industry. D-Fend Solutions,New leaders in counter drone technology aim to protect emerging drone-powered societies while overcoming the threat posed by fraudulent drones.

Bantis UAS System, North Dakota Opens Mission and Network Operations Center: The Heart of Bantis

Last Thursday, Vantis, a state-wide unmanned aerial vehicle system (UAS) system in North Dakota, officially celebrated the grand opening of the Mission and Network Operations Center (MNOC) at Grand Sky Business and Aviation Park. The MNOC acts as the command center for Vantis and is essential for coordinating out-of-field (BVLOS) flight maneuvers.

Amazon Drone Delivery: A brief history of patents, issues and progress from the DRONELIFE archive

Amazon has announced that it will begin in a small town in Lockeford, California, and will finally launch an Amazon drone delivery project in the United States.

More than eight years after Amazon announced its pursuit of drone delivery, the announcement has had an undeniable impact on how applications are developed. Through the development of multiple drone solutions, Amazon has also sought patents for many innovative ideas for bringing inventory closer to consumers, charging delivery drones, landing logistics, and more.

Join Dawn and special guest Sean Guerre, Managing Director of Innovate Energy, and Leader of the Energy Drone and Robotics Coalition (EDRC) LIVE at the EDRC Summit in Houston, Texas. The two will discuss the theme of this year’s summit, “Innovating Energy Management with Unmanned Systems,” how EDRC connects the community with digital resources through virtual live and hybrid events, and the hottest in the unmanned energy sector. Discuss trends.

Jedsy Drone Delivery: Lifesaving supplies, delivery to windows or balconies

Drone delivery company Jedsy employs innovative drone technology to serve countries like Malawi, which lack the infrastructure to receive the medicines they need.

4 red cats: 1 pilot, 4 drones. Will multi-drone systems become the new standard?

The future of commercial and military drone use may depend on the development of technologies that allow simultaneous flight of multiple drones. Each UAV communicates not only with ground operators but also with their peers for missions. Red Cat Holdings recently announced the release of a version of the multi-drone system. According to the company, the company’s 4-Ship software is the first commercial company to bring such a system to market. Commercially available this fall, the product is expected to be widely used in the military, police, and future commercial markets.

Wingcopter Funding: $ 42 Million in Latest Rounds, Over $ 60 Million in Drone Delivery

This week, drone shipping company Wingcopter announced that it has raised $ 42 million in Series A expansion rounds, trebling its total stake to more than $ 60 million. New in this round include German retailer REWE Group, German investors Salvia and XAI Technology, Japanese conglomerate ITOCHU and former backers Germany’s Future Capital and Silicon Valley-based Xplorer Capital. Shareholders participated.

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) has announced that it has signed an agreement with DSV Air & Sea Inc. Canada and Halton Healthcare Services Corporation to deploy DDC’s drone delivery solutions to form a new transportation route for Oakville Hospital.

Aerodyne FULCRUM: BVLOS Drone Ops for pipeline inspection

Aerodyne Group, a global DT3 (Drone Technology, Data Technology, Digital Transformation) enterprise solution provider headquartered in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, has launched its first localized Remote Operations (BVLOS) drone project beyond the line of sight. In Malaysia. This nested intelligent system (FULCRUM) ultimately autonomously monitors the right side of the pipeline (ROW) and assesses intrusions over 1630 miles.

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