Thunderbird Drone Festival to be held August 12-13 | News

Woodward-Woodward’s Thunderbird Drone Festival, billed as the only Oklahoma-based drone festival, is scheduled for August 12th and 13th.

Already entries for the Thunderbird Drone International Film Festival part of the two-day event exceed last year’s entries, says festival director Chris Caster.

According to Castor, the festival promises equally fast-paced fun for adults and children at events such as drone racing and educational panels of interest at all levels.

Speakers cover everything from beginners who just want to learn how to use a drone to those who are using a drone in the industry and need more technical advice. He said everyone was invited to watch a great show, learn how to become a drone pilot, and discover multiple uses for drones.

The Thunderbird International Drone Film Festival and Scavenger Drone (Drone Scavenger Hunt) awards ceremony will begin at 7pm on Friday night at the Woodward Arts Theater.

Participants will have the opportunity to see some of the most unique and spectacular films made by people around the world. After that, those who purchase a VIP pass will be invited to a fun reception at Building 801 on Woodward’s main street.

The caster hinted at something special in the film for the people attending the festival.

“Immediately after the awards ceremony took place in the downtown area of ​​Woodward, plans are underway for a very rare and unique opportunity,” said Caster.

The caster hinted that he couldn’t say any more because the details were still “in the air.”

This year, the exciting “Drone Day” of the Thunderbird Drone Festival will be held on Saturday, August 13th, at Building A of the Woodward County Event Center.

This second day of the Thunderbird Drone Festival once again attracted the best drone racers, A-list speakers and sponsors. Among those speakers are experts such as Dr. Jamie Jacob.

Jacob is the director of the OSU Institute for Unmanned Systems, Chairman John Hendrix, and a professor of aerospace engineering at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Oklahoma State University. It could also be included in the speaker panel of an active Air Force drone pilot who can share details about how the drone industry has changed the battlefield.

The festival also includes the Oklahoma Film and Music Office, the Oklahoma Aviation Commission, and the UAS Cluster Initiative.

Children of all ages can get up close and enjoy the opportunity to learn to fly a small drone or get the opportunity to test chops in a drone simulator.

Both days of the Thunderbird Drone Festival promise an opportunity to make sure that fast-growing technology, the use of drones in movies, and drone FPV racing are gaining a foothold in the state.

According to Rachel Vanhorn, director of the Woodward Convention and Visitors Bureau, the event will feature fun drone demonstrations for kids, coffee and drink trucks, cool event T-shirts, all indoors from the heat of summer dogs. It would be held.

“This event will be interesting to everyone,” Van Horn said. “Even if you’re just interested in drones, have a dream of owning or flying a drone, or just want to learn how to make a drone film or use it in your business, this is an event for you. is.”

The event is hosted by drone maker Skydio, Woodward Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Woodward County Event Center.

For ticket information, please visit

Children under the age of 12 are free, but those who do not have a ticket (strap) cannot enter, so please order a free ticket for your child anyway.

The event will feature Chris Caster and Nathan Holidays, Principals of Thunderbird Drone Festival LLC, Rachel Van Horn, Director of Tourism, Woodward, Bailey Kafka, Director of Woodward County Event Center, Lowry Stembergen, Director of Woodward Arts Theater, and Woodward. It is a collaboration of Alan Case, the president of the Industrial Foundation.


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