Urbanista Los Angeles Self-Charging Headphones Review

A solid blend of eco-friendly technology and retro-chic design, the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones are the only solar cans on the market today. The beauty of Los Angeles wireless headphones with headbands made of solar cell material is that they can always be recharged as long as they are exposed to all kinds of light, including the sun and light bulbs.

Thankfully, state-of-the-art solar technology doesn’t add extra charm to these wireless headphones. We were also thrilled to offer noise canceling and competitive, vibrant audio. But at $ 199, it’s certainly not cheap. Interested in wearing this futuristic eco-friendly accessory? Here’s what I thought after spinning the avant-garde Urbanista Los Angeles around last week:

Urbanista Los Angeles

Urbanista Los Angeles has the unique ability to charge via solar power, and by combining excellent bass with reliable noise cancellation, you spend a lot of time outdoors and tired of constantly charging your headphones. Great for those who are doing it.

Urbanista Los Angeles is available in midnight black or sand gold and was pleased to receive the subdued gold color. Thankfully, it was neither cheap nor sticky. As an over-ear headphone enthusiast, I admit that I recently switched loyalty to earphones. This is mainly because it is easy to put it in your pocket on the way out of the house. So I was very happy to be back in this retro style.

Wireless headphones look great and have enough cushioning for the earcups and headband. With its compact size, wearing headphones for long periods of time did not compromise comfort. But in addition to its chic style, the real short top here is the Exeger solar material layered on top of the headband.

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The first and only pair of solar-powered headphones, Urbanista Los Angeles is sure to cater to those who are interested in a more eco-friendly lifestyle, as well as those who never want to think about the end of their battery life. To do. So far, like.

A convenient solar cell material is located on the outer top of the headband and is the only matte black material found in gold Los Angeles. And it’s so benign that you wouldn’t think it’s a solar panel just by looking at it.

To keep these headphones charged, just place them under the light. The windows are a great place, but any lamp or light bulb will do, but it will continue to charge while you’re wearing it. Inspired by photosynthesis, Exeger Powerfoyle converts that light into clean, non-stop energy. And for your favorite song, a very interesting podcast, or someone who runs out of battery in the middle of a long-haul flight, this isn’t a small achievement. If you leave it in the dark for a long time, it comes with an old-fashioned USB-C charging cable.

In our daily tests, just using light as a power source did not run out of battery. Usually hover between 60% and 75%. The case is made of the same matte material and has a notch to keep the headband exposed. So, even if you’re messing with them, you can make sure they’re swallowing the light.

Convenient app and excellent sound quality

Controls are at the bottom of each earcup. The right earcup has a three-button control pad, and in the center of the main is a pad for power, Bluetooth pairing, audio playback, and call management. Use the right button to increase the volume and the left button to decrease the volume. The left earcup has only one large feature button that allows you to access the voice assistant to switch between ambient mode and active noise canceling (ANC) mode. I would have liked to use these buttons if they were on the actual earcups rather than under the actual earcups, but once I got the hang of it I could easily pick them up.

You can also switch between these modes using the app. The app will additionally display the amount of battery saved. For example, when I checked immediately after using Los Angeles for a few hours this morning, it cost 60%. So they went to the windowsill. Also, if you want to see the exact speed of your PV, you can press the light icon at the top left of the app to see in real time whether your headphones are gain or drain. The mine quickly showed Gaining, but it was a bit cool.

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Urbanistas point out that solar charging is not immediate and it takes time to turn into electricity. This means that you may not see a significant change in the actual percentage, the degree of which depends on the quality of the light. The company also claims that it’s hard to tell if this is the case when the headphones are constantly charging, but a single charge gives a tremendous amount of 80 hours.

Los Angeles will automatically shut down when removed. This is because the BeatsFit Pro earphones won’t stop playing until they’re safely in the case, unless they’re in the device. So if you’re in the middle of an audiobook or podcast, you’ll need to rewind a bit when you get them back. However, if you have the time and intuition, you can set it to pause automatically when you remove your Apple or Beats earphones.

When it comes to sound quality, Los Angeles is certainly positive for bass, but it does provide a clean, balanced sound. It doesn’t have the spatial sound of surround sound like the Beats Fit Pro, but I’ve created a track like Kanye West’s “Power” that sounds lively like Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day”. I like low-end listening.

When it comes to controlling headphones, it can be difficult to find the right button for the right function, especially if you’re used to just tapping the earphones. If you do it a few times, you will surely get the hang of it.

This app is useful for switching ANC mode and checking battery life, but it does little else. And you can’t go in and switch EQ.

And finally, at $ 199, the competition is fierce. For example, the JBL Live 650 BTNC, which has chosen the best headphones on a budget, comes with a cheap all-round soundstage for $ 129, but it can’t offer an eco-cool appeal. For those who want something gym-friendly, our top workout picks on the Jabra Elite 85h are $ 249.99, an increase of just $ 50.

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As the first pair of solar-powered headphones, Urbanista Los Angeles responds to hype. Not only do you not have to reconnect them, but you can also show off the credibility of the eco-warriors. And because they’re sleek, stylish, and compact, these wireless headphones can go black under the radar or gorgeous with gold.

With above average sound, over-the-ear headphones were perfect for my Spotify playlists, podcasts, and Audible books. These are easy for those who spend a lot of time outside, or who travel a ton and don’t like plugging in all the time. But let’s face it. Urbanista Los Angeles is all about innovation and convenience. If you need reliable noise-cancelling headphones with great-sounding bass that rarely needs to be recharged, pick them up and show them off.


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