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UScellular and Ericsson today announced that they have begun advanced 5G testing using drone technology. These tests are the first tests using UScellular’s 5G network and lay the foundation for future use cases of cellular connected drones in various industries.

The first visual gaze test was conducted in Beloit, Wisconsin, using a drone flying between two UScellular commercial 5G towers. The drone was equipped with 5G smartphones and RF measuring equipment designed to capture performance metrics such as signal strength and quality, upload and download speeds, and in-flight delays at various altitudes. Data was collected using both low-band and high-band spectra. The goal of the first attempt was to collect and analyze aerial network connectivity and velocity data, compare it to the velocities experienced on the ground, and ultimately understand what is needed in the future. Use and success of 5G connected drone.

“Testing wireless connections at altitude will prepare future connections for aerial drones, provide command and control capabilities, and make real-time image and data sharing easier, faster, and more secure. “Vice President Narothum Saxena said. An overview of UScellular’s technology strategy and architecture. “Our network believes that connections will help drones fly in the best possible way. With Ericsson’s support, we will continue to drive innovations that will help improve your wireless experience.”

One use case for UScellular and other wireless provider drones is to be able to inspect the tower without climbing it. This type of use can be extended to other industries. Farmers can inspect the tops of barns and silos, and city workers can inspect water towers. Such tasks can be performed on a drone that is not connected, but with a 5G connection, the drone can reach areas beyond the pilot’s line of sight and livestream video over the UScellular network. This means that site inspections are much more efficient and cost-effective, with benefits such as real-time data acquisition and delivery, ensuring proper video capture, especially in hard-to-reach areas. To do.

“Drone technology offers a wide range of new opportunities for today’s markets. Testing at UScellular is a major step towards highly connected drone use cases that benefit society and businesses,” said Ericsson North America’s UScellular account. Said Joseph Prochilo, Vice President and Key Account Manager at. “Ericsson Connected Drone Testing and Ericsson Device Analytics bring service providers forward with proven solutions and give UScellular an industry-leading set of features for connected drone testing to support commercial operation of drones over 5G networks. Offers.”

According to a recent Arthur D Little study, the number of unmanned aerial vehicles sold worldwide, especially drones, is steadily increasing, the overall market size will increase to up to US $ 30 billion over the next decade, and the value of the service will be. It will reach US $ 50 billion over the next five years. .. Commercial drones that can fly long distances and cross the line of sight offer great opportunities for multiple industries and consumers. We can deliver essential medicines quickly and provide important supplies to areas affected by bad weather. An important feature of all these use cases is the 5G connection.

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