Which gadget should I buy for my work smartwatch?

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Photo: Victoria Song / Gizmodo

Which gadget do you need to buy?? Our consumer tech experts help readers choose a full-fledged smartwatch that can do not only fitness tracking but also productivity tasks.

Gizmodo leader Tyler works in government and wants a smartwatch that can improve many workflows. The device needs to be able to keep the phone on the desk while Tyler adjusts music controls, sends emails, reads and replies to text messages. The maximum budget is a healthy $ 350, which is enough to buy most of the premium options on the market, except for the enthusiastic fitness tracker (not the best choice anyway).

A popular option for everyone Apple watch.. But it’s off the table for several reasons. First, Tyler has already stepped into the Samsung ecosystem with the Galaxy S21, demonstrating the preference for Google devices. And second, At the end A competent alternative on the market.

Tyler must buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Or Watch4 Classic. end. It was recommended by our resident wearable / smart home / streaming expert Florence Ion and I couldn’t agree any further. In Flo’s words, ” Galaxy Watch 4 It’s a de facto Android-based smartwatch available today.Until rumored PixelWatch To bear fruit, if that happens, you run the risk of buying something else. ”

It was easy! So why is the Galaxy Watch 4? The main reason is that the new Wear OS is heavily influenced by Samsung, which already sold the best non-Apple watches before switching from Tizen OS. Modern watches are sophisticated, perform almost well, and the third-party app ecosystem is finally taking shape. Watch4 and Watch4 Classic are not perfect. Battery life is fine and it’s a shame (for now) that there is no Google Assistant.At its last point, Samsung has not promised a timeline Add Google Assistant, Just saying that it will arrive in the “next few months”. Still, Samsung’s latest flagship smartwatch is a clear front runner.

This definitely leads to even more difficult decisions. Whether to buy Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic. The 42mm Classic costs $ 309 (starting at $ 349), while the 40mm Watch 4 costs only $ 209. Is Classic Worth the Additional Cash? it depends.

One of the two main differences is size. The standard model is available in 40mm and 44mm, and the Watch4 Classic is available in 42mm and 46mm. If your wrists are stronger, Classic may be literally more suitable. The Classic is made of stainless steel, and perhaps most importantly, the physical rotating bezel that works better than the Touch Sensitive Bezel on the Watch 4. However, although Clock 4 is designed to be more active, these two designs are similar. For -y, Classic looks like a traditional watch. That’s all. The functions of these two watches are almost the same.

Before adding Watch 4 to your shopping cart, Flo has some sensible advice. For real I need it. You may have run out of battery life and need to recharge all day by turning off battery-intensive features such as location services.

And to answer the questions Tyler asked us: Yes, Watch4 can help you become more productive. You can use Google Keep to save important notes, use the calendar app to avoid meeting absences, and keep notifications open to read emails and texts. In conclusion, the Galaxy Watch 4 is a clear favorite for Tyler and anyone else looking for a full-fledged smartwatch to pair with an Android phone (at least until the Pixel Watch arrives).

Do you recommend anything else? Let us know in the comments!Also, if you need help deciding which gadget to buy, please fill in the brief information questionnaire..


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