Why Gen Z tunes AirPods with wired headphones

An indispensable accessory for autumn? According to Generation Z, this is a $ 30 wired headphone.

So why did “it girls” like Lily-Rose Depp and the Olsen sisters choose to abandon their wireless earphones and connect them to their devices instead? “Wired is an attitude,” Shelby Hull, a 24-year-old creator of Instagram account @wireditgirls, told Mashable. “It’s the way you carry yourself and move around the world.”

At TikTok, actor and model Lily Rose Depp is the coolest of the “It” girls. She is a Frenchman, a nepotist baby, and inadvertently studied and travels the world. Her wired earphones are an extension of her own.

“She’s very cohesive, but” why is this designer’s outfit so cool and cohesive? It fell into the right position, “Hull said. Oh, “I’m not thinking about this. I don’t care now.”

TikTok user @ taylorchalametdepp4 video praises the use of Depp’s wired earphones, and @ almondbutterchaos’s clip titled “Why I’m in love with wired earphones” is the kind of wired discourse found on the platform. Is an example of.

This TikTok has a caption

This TikTok has the caption “Why am I in love with wire earphones?”
Credits: Tiktok / almondbutterchaos

The fledgling idea of ​​a wired “it girl” came from Liana Satinstein. trend With the introduction of Apple’s AirPods in 2016, much of our collective consciousness has been replaced by how Bella Hadid brought back accessories. Then, on September 30, 2021, the TikTok account @thedigifairy posted a viral video. Wired headphones are officially a vintage accessory. With 2 million views and counts, this video sparked a debate on Twitter about whether the wired look was really obsolete.

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The next day, @wireditgirls made the first post. The account currently has 1,665 followers, and Bella Hadid, Zoe Kravitz, Michelle Reis and others live their daily lives and look easy and cool while wearing wired headphones.

“Riana [Satenstein] Tweeted “Make a page of hot girls with idiots / geniuses, wired headphones“Hull talked about the origin of the account. “On my way home from the CycleBar class, five photos popped up on the heads of Zoe Kravitz and Lily-Rose Depp with wired headphones, so I made that page and posted it that morning. I started. ”

According to her, AirPods always lacked a cool girl element.

They are functional and practical, it’s a cool antithesis. We use them because Apple forced us. AirPods were released with the iPhone 7, the first iPhone without a universal headphone jack. Recently, iPhone users have faced the choice of paying at least $ 150 on AirPods or using the standard EarPods that come with the device (which can’t be used while charging a laptop or iPhone).

AirPods are now clearly synonyms not cool Aesthetics: That of a technology and finance companion. They beg that men in combination with the Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece wear during calls that use incomprehensible words like “synergies” in real-life conversations.

“For a while, buying AirPods felt like it was sold out. I despise the technology culture and refused to get them for that reason,” he said, never buying AirPods. Catherine Condit, a 21-year-old student at the University of California, Berkeley, told Mashable.

Ruby Sutton retired from AirPods in 2019 when he studied abroad in France. She explained, “AirPods looked so bad in France that she started using wired earphones again while she was studying abroad,” a 22-year-old woman explained.

Wired earphones make another kind of statement. Those who wear wired headphones are completely separated from modern trends. They want to connect in a simpler era.

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Apple released the first earphones in 2001 with the first iPod. iPod advertising was symbolic, and wired earphones played an important role. The ad showed a black silhouette of people dancing on a brightly colored background, and the iPod and its headphones stood out in contrast to white. These ads appear on billboards and television, and video ads are paired with cool songs such as Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and Daft Punk’s “Technologic.”

Wired headphones remain cool today, but for another reason.

“I love the signals they send,” Hull added. “It’s like’Don’t talk to me, I’m too busy’. AirPods don’t really say that. When I see AirPods in, I’m still talking to someone But if it’s just a wire, it’s clear that “keep away from me.” I think it’s the perfect accessory. ”

A wire is a visible accessory that declares that you are listening to something and that you are occupied. Everything else needs to be adjusted to plug it in. To talk to someone, you need to physically remove the earphones. AirPods do not produce such power. They could never do it. And at a significantly lower price, wired headphones are a trend that is easily accessible to everyone.

TikTokker Torie Tagliavia posted a video under the steering wheel @toriestyle with the text “I can’t afford to buy AirPods, so it’s good that these headphones are in fashion.” She told Mashable, 22, that she had never bought AirPods and she recently started looking at wired headphones throughout ForYouPage.

Taliavia took advantage of this trend by showing off wired headphones that didn't stop wearing.

Taliavia took advantage of this trend by showing off wired headphones that didn’t stop wearing.
Credit: Tiktok / toriestyle

Wired connections aren’t limited to the obsessions of Extremely Online people and celebrities. It has now been moved from our screen to high school. Lilabel Kierstead, a 14-year-old student from western Massachusetts, said:

The young people spoke.

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