Why should I hesitate to wear a smartwatch?

Wearing a smartwatch can bring behavioral changes to your life, such as narcissistic personality and an emotionless approach. Therefore, you should consider returning to analog watches. Handwriting scholar Sudhir Kove shares the shortcomings of wearing a smartwatch in this article.

In this fast-paced world of the 21st century, most of us are always working on time. But have you stopped thinking about what happens in time as a result of the time-displaying device having a significant impact on your subconscious mind? Each of these factors is important in terms of the shape and color of the watch, the materials you wear, whether it is analog or digital, and the meaning of giving or receiving a watch as a gift. Your watch.

Interpreting the correlation between the signs of life and the wristwatch is called wristwatch analysis. While talking about a particular subject related to watch analysis, focus on the answer why you should avoid wearing a smartwatch.

Let’s start from that function. Normally in blank screen mode. It’s pitch black and doesn’t really represent anything unless you switch it to show the time. We choose that function equally in our actions. Expressiveness is reduced. We often shut down emotionally and mentally and tend to stay that way until someone really moves us to think. Therefore, we become more and more selective to the people who speak. Our friend circle continues to shrink in size. We become more and more difficult to understand and comfort, leading to the loss of some friends from our lives.

next Dynamic display.. As you know, smartwatches have a lot of attractive skins that you can use as the interface that best suits your mood at the moment. We are so accustomed to this dynamism that we are not obsessed with the details, we have a deep understanding of one priority interface and continue to stick to it. This is also absorbed in the process of our relationships. We begin to be capricious about the little flaws of our loved ones and will continue to surface those mistakes over and over and change them within them. All the while, they lack the depth of affection and warmth they have given us. This can lead to cracks in the relationship.

Smartwatches provide information as well as time like traditional watches, but they start to worry about many other things that affect their lives at the time. Suppose you’re at work, complete the required assignments, and a pop-up appears on your smartwatch telling you that you’ve walked 1000 steps less today to reach your daily step goal. Your focus will soon be removed from the task and you will think about how to reach your walking goal by the end of the day. Therefore, it devalues ​​the current job we are completely absorbed in. This timely distraction leads us to mismanagement of time.

Driven by technology, we are all forced away from our direct involvement and conversation with each other, even though we are all virtually connected during the pandemic. You can feel and agree. It landed us just because it was technology-driven beyond the emotions and emotions that made us numb. The smartwatch revolution has further strengthened this behavior. From checking messages from colleagues online to getting their voice over the phone over a smartwatch, we’re all really away from being emotionally driven, rather the technology around us. I’m starting to rely on being controlled by.

Egocentric or narcissistic behavior It is also a common phenomenon that is increasingly seen by smartwatch users. From notifications about physical health activities to messages on social media platforms, the smartwatch interface is flooded with information that can be annoying to the world around you just by thinking about immediate actions that affect you. It will be less.

Given all the physiological and psychological changes mentioned above that wearing a smartwatch can unknowingly bring, it is best to avoid wearing them.



The above views are the author’s own.

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