Wyze Watch Review: What’s Good for a $ 39.98 Smartwatch?

Wyze is a popular smart home technology company, a top pick for smart plugs, smart valves and smart scales. So when you get the chance to review the $ 39.98 Wyze Watch that raises your eyebrows, you can add intriguing colors.

It may look creepy to the Apple Watch, but it’s paired with a collection of fitness features, smartphone notifications, and more. — Wyze Watch focuses specifically on controlling its smart home devices.

We’ve been using WyzeWatch for about a week and finally felt like we could answer a burning question. Is this $ 40 smartwatch worth a look?

$ 39.98 smartwatch

It may look creepy to the Apple Watch, but it’s paired with a collection of fitness features, smartphone notifications, and more. — Wyze Watch focuses specifically on controlling its smart home devices.

Who, what, how

Who is this for: The Wyze Watch is perfect for those who use a lot of other products from the brand and want to control them from their wrists.

What you need to know: This watch is only good at controlling smart homes, reading heart rate, and delivering notifications. Many common smartwatch features, such as answering calls, playing music, and tracking various workouts, aren’t on this device.

How to compare this: Priced at $ 39.98, you can’t expect the Wyze Watch to be as equipped or featured as the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, but it hasn’t reached a similar priced alternative, such as the Amazfit BipS Lite or Wyze’s own Wyze Band. .. Due to its ultra-low price, it lacks many features and you can find more value elsewhere.

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In terms of design, the Wyze Watch looks much more expensive than $ 40 — and much like the Apple Watch. Featuring a sturdy aluminum housing, it is lightweight overall, yet luxurious overall. Comes with a standard black silicone band, but can be easily replaced with a 22mm strap.

Wyze Watch is available in two sizes, 44mm and 47mm. Currently, only 47mm is on sale, and that’s what we considered in this review. I also reviewed the 47mm Wyze Watch, but there is also a 44mm size. The large size feels comfortable on the wrist, but it may not be suitable for everyone.

As far as other physical functions are concerned, on the right side of the watch there is one button to control the interface and turn on the device. At the bottom of the watch is a blood oxygen monitor, heart rate sensor, and magnetic charging pin.

Surprisingly, Wyze includes an IP68 rating to help protect against accidental splashes and dirt. This has led to excellent protection from drifting rain and windy beach walks. The 1.75-inch display can be quite dark in the dark, but it’s easier to see in the sun. Also, there was no constant display mode, and flicking the wrist to wake the screen was unreliable. In other words, I often tapped the screen to turn it on.

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Just as the Apple Watch is so tied to Apple’s ecosystem, the Wyze Watch does the same with a variety of parent company accessories and applications.

To set the clock, use the Wyze app on Android or iOS. This is a simple and easy process. From there, you can customize your watch face with one of many built-in options, or embed gallery photos to create your own options.

The watch itself has a dedicated app that allows you to control your Wyze smart home product. Now, buy a Wyze smart home device and you’ll have easy control over everything with a single tap on your wrist button.

The overall experience is familiar to all Wyze users, which is why the watch is ultimately designed. With an additional $ 40, the Wyze Watch is a bargain and has easy access to smart home controls.

That said, if you’re in the traditional smartwatch market, this may not be the most obvious purchase.

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One of the biggest disappointments with the Wyze Watch was the fitness feature. We use our Apple Watch to track workouts often, but we quickly realized that this option didn’t happen. The only training you can record is running, and it didn’t help much because we don’t.

Take a quick walk using the Wyze Watch’s run tracking and compare it to the Apple Watch Series 3. The Wyze wearable indicates that it hasn’t walked as far as the Apple Watch suggests, and it doesn’t seem to be recorded. Same number as calories burned or steps. However, the heart rate was about the same between the clocks. This is because it uses the same hardware found in more expensive smartwatches and transforms it into a reliable heart rate experience.

The blood oxygen monitor seems to be functioning normally. When compared with the Galaxy Watch 4, the measured value was about 97.7%. This is almost the same as what I got from a Samsung watch. Obviously, the Wyze Watch isn’t designed as a medical device, so it’s an indicator you’ll want to measure with a grain of salt, but it’s still a great feature, especially for such affordable watches.

You can take advantage of several other health tracking features such as sleep tracking, menstrual cycle tracking, and general step count. These features feel more like a concession than a carefully crafted wellness tracking tool and should be used as-is. If you need a fitness first smartwatch, the Wyze Watch isn’t for you.

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Overall, I felt that Wise Watch was limited.

Yes, it has the ability to deliver notifications to your wrist, and it’s a staple found on virtually every smartwatch on the market. However, you cannot deal with them, such as replying to messages or deleting emails. The watch makes a humming noise when you receive a call, but you can’t answer with your wrist because you don’t have a microphone or speaker.

This watch does not provide MP3 storage or is not integrated with the integration of music streaming services, so music playback is not possible. By the way, third party apps are not supported. In other words, you’re stuck with pre-installed apps.

Fortunately, both iOS and Android are supported and the experience is the same in both ecosystems.

While the idea of ​​buying a $ 39.98 smartwatch from a reputable brand is appealing, the Wyze Watch is designed only for very niche audiences who own a lot of other Wyze products that they want to operate from their wrist. increase.

If you’re looking for a cheap Apple Watch alternative or a low-cost fitness tracker, we encourage you to consider alternatives such as the Amazfit BipS Lite or Wyze’s own Wyze Band.However, if you’re used to receiving exact notifications on your wrist, you can customize it.
With the clock face and all those smart home controls, you will find that the clock is the best choice. Especially in terms of price.


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