Your Source.IO Game

Human entertainment demand has never decreased. On the contrary, that demand is growing day by day, requiring increasing diversity. That game is one of the top concerns of the vast majority of people of all ages. Understanding this need, game creators have experimented with and introduced new, more exciting game types. And Source.IO is a game born in that condition.

Your Source.IO Game

The .IO domain name is just a domain type just like the .com domain name. Eastern European countries use this domain name extensively.

What Is Source.IO?

Source.IO is a free IO game that in that space, players hack each other. Yes, with this game, if you are a person who likes the feeling of winning when you occupy a territory, something of an opponent if you are passionate about the feeling of being the strongest, Source. IO is an option for you.

Use the code your way to advance and lead the rankings. After that, new levels will open for you. At the start, new players start with Bronze, then Silver, Gold, Platinum and finally Diamond rank.

From hacking other players, you will earn a lot more coins. These coins you use to buy and equip yourself with the necessary things, especially the data mining tools that work continuously to make more money for you.

Source.IO brings you many exciting experiences. What do you think when you just hacked someone, you left a message in their profile, like a notice or a challenge. It feels like a winner.

How To Play Source.IO Game

First, you need to choose your goals. That target is one of the other players on the list. This action looks like you’re an assassin and looking for your prey. How stimulating!!

Next, click on the “Hack” button and select the port you want to attack the target. At this time, the screen shows the highlighted words in turn. All you need to do is type them, and press Enter repeatedly until the progress bar reaches 100%.

Finish! You hacked your first player. Please leave a few messages for that player if you like. And of course, your message is public, and other hackers can see them.

How to play Source.IO straightforward right? This game does not require you too many tactics, and you need the agility and accuracy when entering the highlighted words.

Click on this link to experience it yourself:

When You Hacked

So, what if you are a target for other players to hack? Source.IO is where BT Coins promotes its function.

First of all, you can find three firewalls A, B, C in the “My Computer” window. A firewall, as the name implies, is a protective barrier. When you are hacked, firewall protection will appear and slowly go down. Then you need to pay specific fees for it to work correctly. These pay a lot of money, so keep in mind that after hacking other players, spending some time in the black market, you can find there all sorts of data mining tools. Generate more BT Coins.

Then, with firewall protection and your payments, other players will not be able to break the firewall and steal your money.

Tips For You

You can hack other players while they are trying to destroy your firewall. It is very effortless that you need to click on the name of the person who hacked you in the log window at the bottom left to see their profile.


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